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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

27 Aug
Eric Greenberg

Winning the Brady Vote

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Just in case you’re not tuned into the political news coming out of the Democratic Convention this week, here’s a recap:  Joe Biden-in. Hillary and Barack-buddies again. Michelle Obama-”Brady Bunch” fan!!!

Here’s a little bit of transcript from the stage Monday night:  

“Good evening. I’m Craig Robinson, and Michelle Obama is my little sister…

…Sometimes, when I look at the — the woman you’re about to hear from, it’s funny to think that this is the same person who used to wake me up early — and I mean early — on Christmas morning. This is the person who would play the piano to calm me down before my big games in high school. This is the person who, even though we were allowed only one hour of television a night, somehow managed to memorize every single episode of “The Brady Bunch.”

No response out of the McCain camp, but you have to wonder how this may impact the Republican nominee’s highly anticipated VP choice. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who had been heavily talked about for the number two spot, has lost some momentum lately. Clearly though, the admitted Brady fan would be the most logical pick to counter this week’s events. More on the highly coveted ”Brady Bunch” vote as it develops.   

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26 Aug
Eric Greenberg

Not sure about you guys, but with no more Olympics to watch, I’m getting pretty antsy for the new TV season to kick off. Don’t get me wrong. I’m trying to hang onto summer for dear life like everybody else, but knowing ”Entourage” is looming on the other side of Labor Day, is at least helping to ease the pain. But what about people in the biz? Other than the obvious financial benefits, do people in Hollywood get excited for their favorite shows like you and me? Well according to this commentary I came across, most TV stars don’t really watch TV. Or at least most don’t admit they do.

But what about our resident sitcom star? Is he a TV snob or is he, like Ricky Gervais and a few others sited by this Associated Press story, willing to tell the world that he knows how to use his remote control? And by the way, as far as I’m concerned, you can’t go wrong being in any category with Ricky Gervais.  

Well rest easy my friends. I checked in with the boss, and despite having clocked so much time on the set, he still enjoys it from the other side just like the rest of us. So if you’re looking for some viewing advice from a pro, here are the top five shows Barry can’t wait to catch when they return…

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24 Aug
Eric Greenberg

Wisconsin Still Loves Winkler

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | No comments

What an oversight! This was intended for today’s links, but accidentally got lost in the shuffle. The Fonz got his very own bronze statue in Milwaukee this past week. Henry Winkler was on hand with several members of the “Happy Days” gang to mark the occasion. Brady family aside, I can’t think of a cast that seems to genuinely like each other as much as these guys do. Congrats Henry!    

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24 Aug
Eric Greenberg

World Wide Web Surfing

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 1 comment


In honor of the Beijing games, TV Squad put together a list of seven Olympians who made the transition to TV, though I’m a little dissapointed they didn’t specifically mention Muhammad Ali’s appearance on “Diff’rent Strokes.”

Meanwhile, gold medalist Bruce Jenner was apparently this close to getting his own action figure for his short stint on “CHiPs.”    

In case you haven’t heard, Chris Knight’s finally got a piece of the pie! That’s a pink piece for Entertainment. Starting next month, he’ll be hosting a new game show version of Trivial Pursuit.

The cast of “Dallas” is reuniting at the ranch and you’re invited.  

The 70s New England classic “Jaws” is base on events in…New Jersey?? (Thanks to Amy)

And is there a Tango with Florence Henderson’s name on it? Rumor had it America’s favorite mom is in the cast of the next season of “Dancing With the Stars.” But the latest gossip has her off the list. The official announcement’s coming tomorrow on “Good Morning America.” What do you know Barry? We’ll keep it quiet. Promise.

Send your Brady/Pop Culture links to   

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18 Aug
Bob Hunt


Quick!  Grab your credit card, make your flight arrangements, and tell the neighbors you can’t make it to their cookout on the day before Labor Day.  Why?  Because no fewer than three Brady stars will be returning to King’s Island for four shows of singing, dancing, and Brady Bunch anecdotes!  Susan Olsen, Mike Lookinland, and our own Barry Williams will be there to entertain, reminisce, and provide memorable meet-n-greet and autograph opportunities for Brady fans of all ages.  As we reported previously, King’s Island has been steeped in nostalgia this summer, what with classic park stunts of the 70′s being recreated by Robbie Knievel and Rick Wallenda.  What better way to cap off their retro summer than a Very Brady Reunion on Sunday, August 31.  At last your dreams are coming true!  So don’t just sit there – spindle your blueprints into a yellow cylinder and make your way to Cincinnati this Labor Day Weekend!

Now Search & Win for Great Brady Prizes!

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15 Aug
Eric Greenberg

Make sure to check out Maureen McCormick’s new series “Outsiders Inn” premiering tonight at 9pm on CMT. She’ll be taking over a bed and breakfast with a little help from her “Gone Country” castmates Bobby Brown and Carnie Wilson. Eight episodes in all. Good luck Mo!

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14 Aug
Eric Greenberg

The Andy Keaton Exception

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 1 comment


With all due respect to Robbie Rist, when people mention the new kid added to a sitcom, it’s usually in a joke or a trivia question. You just don’t usually hear people say things like: “Can you imagine ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ before Sam showed up?” It’s usually TV geeks like me trying to one up each other with references that most people don’t remember. Why? Because the shows usually get cancelled shortly after they join the cast. 

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not necessarily the actors’ fault. Some of them are perfectly talented. Hey, Leo DiCaprio couldn’t keep growing ”Growing Pains” on the air. And it’s not necessarily the sign of a bad show. In fact, it’s usually the opposite. New characters are often brought in because a show has been successful enough to stay on the air for several years and needs something new to keep it fresh. That’s just the nature of TV in the U.S. Unlike the BBC, we generally keep our shows going until people stop watching…which by the way, I completely understand. TV is a business and it’s hard to quit when you’re on top. I also understand the inclination of shows (or networks) to try to extend the life of a sitcom by adding a new character. The problem is, most shows don’t do it particularly well. That said, let’s give a little credit to a guy who got it right…twice. 

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13 Aug
Bob Hunt

Ticket to Rye

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | No comments


Lamb House, Rye, East Sussex, England.  This (and social networking) brought us together… 

The other day, a best-selling author thanked me for purchasing his latest book.  Not too unusual, perhaps, except for the fact that we were five time zones apart when it happened.  We’ve never even met each other, in fact, and until recently we were carrying on our lives without the slightest hint of each other’s existence.  The circumstances that produced our unlikely connection make up yet another tale of the way in which the Internet and social networking are changing our lives in unprecedented ways.

The author is Guy Fraser-Sampson, a former lawyer who has become an expert in private equity investment, having written a pair of successful financial books and keeping busy with lecturing at a business school and various public speaking engagements.  He lives in London, though he has also called Paris and Abu Dhabi home.  I, on the other hand, am an elementary school teacher who has lived in Ohio all of my life, and just reading the Wikipedia entry on private equity causes my eyes to glaze over in a heart-palpitating catatonia of incomprehension and fear.  What could we possibly have in common?

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09 Aug
Eric Greenberg

Summer Sitcom Stand-Up Guide

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From Gabe Kaplan to Bob Saget to Larry David, many a sitcom career has been launched in the comedy clubs…and many a sitcom star goes back to stand up when their show wraps. So if you can’t catch a plane to the West Coast for a TV taping, this might just be your chance to see one of your favorites up close on a stage near you. Here are ten classic and current sitcom stars with stand-up dates scheduled over the next few months:

Bill Cosby (“The Cosby Show”/”I Spy”)

Dave Coulier (“Full House”)

Mark Curry (“Hanging with Mr. Cooper”)

Judah Friedlander (“30 Rock”)

Kevin James (“The King of Queens”)

Bob Newhart (“The Bob Newhart Show”/”Newhart”)

Ray Romano (“Everybody Loves Raymond”)

Jerry Seinfeld (“Seinfeld”)

Sinbad (“A Different World”)

Jimmie Walker (“Good Times”)

Feel free to leave a comment with your stories/reviews of these or any other sitcom related stand up acts. If you know of any others currently on the road, feel free to pass that on as well.

Now Search and Win for Great Brady Prizes!

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04 Aug
Barry Williams

A Very Brady Birthday

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 7 comments

‘Birthday Wishes For You Mo’
‘Birthday Wishes For You Mo’

In October of 1968 I met an attractive, enchanting and charming, much younger girl than I.  She was hired to play my TV stepsister, Marcia, in a pilot we were making for a potential new series called The Brady Bunch.  The show was about three girls and three boys…  okay I don’t need to go into it.  What I do want to say is that it marks a near forty year relationship with her and our cast that has become among the most significant relationships of our lives.  In my business, that is rare and very special.

Today, August 5th, is Maureen McCormick’s birthday.  She is turning 26 again, can you believe it?  So there is something I would like to sing:

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday DEAR Maureen,
Happy birthday to you.

Hey, you have to admit that’s better than:

When it’s time to change then it’s time to change,
Don’t fight the tide go along for the ride
Don’t ya see?….

Happy birthday Mo.

Love,  Big Bro B

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