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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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22 Dec
Barry Williams

Mele Kalikimaka

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 6 comments

I am glad the Brady’s visited Hawaii for several weeks in 1972 for a three parter.  It’s still at the top of my filming experiences.  Please note that the Tiki Bobby found, the same one Greg was wearing when he wiped out on a coral head while surfing, didn’t REALLY bring bad luck.

Hawaii has long been my favorite vacation, relaxation, rejuvenation destination. Specifically the island of Maui and more specifically the beaches of Kaanapali.

How great it is to find myself here this week and next week plus all of January at the Kaanapali Beach Club, which is a Diamond Resort, where I have been invited to join a terrific troupe of performers including the Akima family and my co-hostess, Makalapua, to interpret the rich history of Hawaii and her people.  Our Luau is known as the Feast At the Beach and this week, A Very Barry Christmas.  It is a traditional and beautifully told Luau and there’s me with my attempts to become an Honorary Hawaiian.  Throughout the show I try just about everything to be worthy of the honor.  I tell stories, I host, I try to learn the native language, I invoke my experiences with Don Ho and make Tiny Bubbles a sing-a-long.  At one point I don a grass skirt (just like the one Alice was wearing when she threw her hip out) with beads, leis and a headdress.  Finally I try and make music with a conch shell.  I can’t give away the ending here, but it helps my quest that I wear the original Brady Tiki throughout the show.

I wish everyone could join me for this oceanfront sunset on this magnificent island paradise.

I wish you a very Mele Kalikimaka,


Now Search & Win for Great Brady Prizes!

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04 Dec
Eric Greenberg

Barry, Chris and Mike recently made a rare public appearance together at Big Apple Comic Con in New York City. It was a fantastic crowd and the boys greatly appreciate everyone who came out. For those of you who couldn’t make it though, I had a chance to chat with the guys about growing up together in TV’s most famous family.

If you’d like to hear from more of the great guests at Comic Con, click here.

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20 Oct
Eric Greenberg

Bravo, Mrs. Brady!

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog, The Brady Bunch | 5 comments

It was a great run, but Florence finally said farewell to Dancing With the Stars after being eliminated in week five of the competition. “You have got to week five on merit. It’s not a fluke,” said judge Len Goodman after her performance. “You got there because of your dancing talent.”

Of course, it was only appropriate that Florence made it to TV theme week, where she got a special visit from our own Barry Williams. Watch Barry and Florence reunite 33 minutes into the show, followed by a rousing Tango to the tune of The Brady Bunch theme.

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06 Sep
Eric Greenberg

Bursting with big Brady news, here are your Greg Brady Project Labor Day Links…

Get fired up Florence fans! It’s Henderson vs. The Hoff in the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars. America’s favorite TV mom has officially signed on for the show’s eleventh season along with David Hasselhoff, Jennifer Grey and The Situation. Do I feel a Charleston coming on?

Susan’s back on the small screen! The youngest Brady girl showed up on The Young and the Restless last week. Meanwhile, word on the street from Entertainment Weekly is that Chris Knight will appear in the September 15 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. (Chris, can you confirm???)

Barry had some fun with the 13 News morning gang in Topeka the other day. Brady World is running a Brady Bunch trivia contest. And Marcia’s hair dryer is marked down on eBay (TGBP cannot verify authenticity).

And finally, The Boys are Back in Town! Barry, Chris and Mike will be appearing together at Big Apple Comic Con in New York next month. According to Chris, the three have only gotten together for two other autograph signings since The Brady Bunch went off the air. Hope to see you there!

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09 Apr

Make sure to catch Barry tomorrow night along with Tiffany in the premiere of the Syfy original movie “Mega Piranha.” That’s tomorrow night (Sat., April 10) at 9pm/ET (8 Central) on Syfy.

“Mega Piranha” will re-air on April 11 at 1am/ET and May 30 at 9pm/ET.

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15 Mar
Barry Williams

Peter Graves
Saturday morning was a special time around my house when I was very young. On Saturday morning my older brothers and I were allowed to watch what we wanted. I was just three years old but my favorite show was not anything animated. My favorite show was called Fury. Fury starred Peter Graves as a ranch owner, Bobby Diamond as his adopted son and Fury an amazing stallion who loved the young boy. Thus began my passion for horses. Fury was a really strong and smart horse. He knew when people did good deeds and would reward them usually by getting them to where they needed to be. Mostly Fury would only allow the Diamond character, Joey, to ride him. This was pretty amazing stuff for me, a then three year old.

During the time Fury was on the air I was attending kindergarten in my home town (it wasn’t called pre-school then) and I had a girlfriend in my class. I liked to sit next to her when we were doing arts and crafts and I usually made my way near her in the afternoon for nap time. Occasionally we exchanged gum after it had already been chewed by one of us. Our version of french kissing I guess.

Her name is Claudia Graves and I was more than a little impressed when I was having a play date at her house one day, which happened to be just down the street from my own family home, and into the living room walks JIM NEWTON the owner of the Broken Wheel Ranch where Fury lived! It took me a minute to get the concept that Jim Newton was really an actor, Peter Graves and father to my sweetheart Claudia. This just seemed too good to be true and I thought it was so cool that I decided then and there I wanted to be an actor. Several weeks later while visiting at Claudia’s house I had a chance to ask Mr. Graves how he got to be an actor. He said, “I just thought about it.”

Good enough for me. I thought and thought and thought. Finally I thought about doing something about it and asked my parents to let me give it a shot. I started going to classes and acting lessons, got some 8×10 headshots and an agent. I was on my way.

After filming the Brady Bunch Pilot in 1968 and before we actually started filming the regular series in 1969 I had an extraordinary opportunity. I had an audition for a guest starring role in my then favorite TV series, Mission Impossible starring the man who inspired my whole career, Peter Graves. I got that role. Literally a dream come true.

Peter Graves passed away yesterday, March 13th. At the same time I was in Nashville doing what Peter inspired and I still love after all these years; acting onstage in a musical. His passing is a loss millions of people, along with myself feel. I always will be grateful to the wonderful contributions he made as an actor and a person including his remarkable return in the feature film Airplane. He was an inspiration to many and I am grateful for my personal connection with him.

I send out my warmest wishes and condolences to his wife Joan and daughters Kelly Jean, Amanda Lee, and first love Claudia.

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18 Sep
Guest Author
GBP-Brady House Blog

The House That Brady Built

 As a self-professed “Bradyholic,” my obsession has been with the space that surrounded the Brady cast during production. In addition, the mystique that surrounds the North Hollywood house used only for exterior shots is incredible by anyone’s standards. Really, can you think of any other TV house on this planet that has received such fame and pop culture status?

My curiosity about the Brady Bunch house led me to do some research about ranch-style homes, design trends, and the post-WW2 culture that bred them. These homes came out of a culture of optimism (among other things), a virtue which The Brady’s wholeheartedly stood for.

For me, the iconic Brady Bunch house, both in true form as well as fictional form, represents the American ideal, and I’ve always wondered what they looked like from an insider’s perspective. Curious about  both  forms (real and fictional) of the house, I began making sketches of all the Brady spaces a number of years ago. Eventually, I acquired a CAD program for my computer which would allow me to bring my sketches to life. Having spent dozens of hours watching reruns of the show, I’ve gradually developed a “virtual tour” of sorts, which are on both Flickr and You Tube. In the virtual tour, Brady fans are given a perspective of what the set of The Brady Bunch may have looked like from an actor’s perspective. Additionally, this virtual tour also takes viewers through the famous Brady Bunch house in North Hollywood.

The whole project was just a chance for me to have fun, explore, and interact with other Brady fans. Now check out the Brady house like you’ve never seen it before…

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08 Aug
Bob Hunt

 Adrian Monk’s encyclopedic knowledge of “The Cooper Clan” helps him crack the case.

If you missed the season  premiere of Monk last night, then run (don’t walk) over to USA Network while the episode is still available for streaming.  You’ll find a show that affectionately satirizes the Brady Bunch phenomenon, from the dedication of trivia-spouting fans to dropped jaws at the most lurid revelations of a tell-all memoir. 

In “Mr. Monk’s Favorite Show,” the obsessive-compulsive crime solver is excited at the prospect of meeting Christine Rapp, former child star of “The Cooper Clan.” Rapp has just written a shocking autobiography called “Re-Cooper-ating,” and when her publicity tour is interrupted by an attempt on her life, Monk’s devotion leads to an assignment as her bodyguard.  Starstruck and preoccupied with memories of a show that provided an escape from his dysfunctional youth, Monk remains blissfully ignorant of the discrepancies between Rapp and her TV alter-ego, Cathy Cooper…until he finds time to read the book.

Though a number of artistic liberties are taken in the approximation of a certain iconic TV series from the 70′s, Brady fans will find many amusingly familiar references in the details, right down to the episode titles and groovy graphics of a “Cooper Clan” DVD menu.  Check it out, and enjoy the pained expression on the face of a “Clan” costar as he endures Monk repeating the former actor’s well-worn catchphrase.

Now Search & Win for Great Brady Prizes!

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08 Jul
Barry Williams

In my business you have the opportunity to meet some incredible people. While I’ve been lucky enough to work on a lot of different television and theater projects, I owe a lot of those meetings to The Brady Bunch. Some, like Don Drysdale and Joe Namath, were captured on the show for everyone to see. There were others though, that took place after the cameras stopped rolling. Two that come to mind are the day Henry Kissinger stopped by the Brady set, and now more than ever, the day The Brady 6 met The Jackson 5.

As someone who’s done some singing and dancing with his own “brothers and sisters,” I can appreciate just how talented Michael Jackson was and am glad we got the chance to cross paths.

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17 Jun
Eric Greenberg

A Chat With Barry Williams

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 4 comments

After hanging out over here for the last year and a half, Barry paid me a visit over at my site! In the brand new episode of my retro pop culture podcast, “Just My Show,” the boss and I covered everything from the layout of the Brady house to the back story of the families to Cousin Oliver.

After you hear the show, make sure to check out the five bonus clips, including Barry’s thoughts on having a Brady Bunch fan in The White House.

Have a listen! Hope you guys enjoy it.

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