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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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14 Jan
Mary Jo and John Tenuto

Resolute Brady

written by Mary Jo and John Tenuto in Blog | 1 comment

January is the month for resolutions. Why not let the Brady Bunch be your resolution guide? The characters of the Brady Bunch often learned lessons during the show. Here are some you might enjoy.

Greg Brady: I will listen better to people’s exact words (“Greg Gets Grounded”)

Marcia Brady: I will nose that personality means more than looks (“The Subject Was Noses”)

Peter Brady: I will know that when its time to change its probably time to rearrange (“Dough Re Me”)

Jan Brady: I will try to remember that being average isn’t so bad (Every episode)

Cindy Brady: I will be happy with what makeths me spethial (“A Fistful of Reasons”)

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13 Jan
Bob Hunt

As we bask in the warm, lava lamp glow of 70′s nostalgia, let us observe a moment of silence in recognition of the decade’s departed candy, the late confections that are no longer as accessible as the nearest corner drug store. Yea, though our ears and eyes may still enjoy our favorite musical and sitcom highlights, our tongues yearn for the delightful sensations of bygone candy bars. For it was whilst consuming such tooth-rotting fare that we absorbed the sights and sounds of the era. May I put forth for special recognition the iconic bar of my youth, a once-coveted item among its chocolate-coated peers, the king of its ilk, the Marathon Bar.

Eight inches of braided caramel enveloped in milk chocolate like a macroscopic strand of chocoholic DNA. A bright red and yellow wrapper that screamed for attention amidst M&M’s and Milky Ways, its reverse side featuring the famous ruler to prove that you were indeed about to purchase as long a bar as you had been promised. Tantalizing wild west commercial duels between the villainous Quick Carl and the virtuous Marathon John, who knew that neither Carl nor anyone else could eat a Marathon Bar in a hurry. As the saying went, it lasts a good long time.

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10 Jan
Eric Greenberg

Let’s raise the bar here at The Greg Brady Project by presenting a little piece of maritime history. After 40 years at sea, the famed cruise ship Queen Elizabeth II set out on its final voyage this week. Vacationers and historians will mark this as the end of an era for the vessel that hosted the likes of Margaret Thatcher, Sir Paul McCartney, and the Queen herself. Now let’s bring the bar right back down as Brady gossip hounds honor the great ship, not for its seaworthiness, but as the site of Barry’s last documented attempt at a little Brady family funny business.

It was Barry’s 18th birthday, and thanks to Robert Reed, the cast was aboard the QE2 for a cultural journey to London. All the kids were there, but Barry only had one Brady on the brain. Here’s his account in “Growing Up Brady” (available for purchase in The Greg Brady Project store): “I was positive, absolutely positive, that the warm sea breezes and lack of parents would combine to finally allow my relationship with Maureen [McCormick] to…uh…expand to its fullest potential.  So Barry took his A game and headed over to the room Maureen was sharing with Eve Plumb. How’d it work out?

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09 Jan
Mike Dudas

Lunch Box Elite

written by Mike Dudas in Blog | 1 comment

‘The Status Symbol’
‘The Status Symbol’

Status for folks my age may be measured by how big your house is or how flashy your car is.  But, there used to be a more innocent time when status was measured by a much smaller standard.  On the first day of grade school, hundreds of hungry boys and girls marched into the cafeteria with shiny new lunch boxes.  Lunch boxes were a big thing back in the 60’s and 70’s. Really big.

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08 Jan
Eric Greenberg

A Mike and a Hard Place

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | No comments

I don’t envy late night talk show hosts lately. OK. That’s a lie. They make a ton of cash, hang out with cool people, and I go to bed every night wishing I could have their job, if only for a few hours. I just envy them a little less than usual. There are a lot of people hurt by the current writers strike, but no matter which camp you fall in, Leno and company have been put in a pretty tough position.

With Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert making the late night schedule complete with their return to TV last night, the issue has now shifted from whether they should return to what they should do to fill the time. Ironically, David Letterman, one of two hosts able to return with writers, is probably the guy who shines the most in awkward situations like this. As happy as I am that Letterman’s production company was able to come to an interim agreement with the WGA, I’d like to have seen what he’d have done with this. Now what about the others?

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07 Jan
Bob Hunt

Beware the Googleganger!

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | 1 comment

 The Canadian Barry WilliamsThe Canadian Barry Williams‘The REAL Barry Williams?’

Barry Williams is one busy guy, busier than you’ve ever imagined.  He’s the founder and principal consultant of the London firm Database Answers Limited.  Surprised?  Then you might be further intrigued by the fact that Barry Williams is the executive officer of the Australian Skeptics, for whom he has edited the Skeptic Journal for the last 17 years.  Didn’t know that?  If so, you’re probably unaware that Barry Williams is known as a very funny after-dinner speaker throughout the United Kingdom.  And you most likely haven’t heard that Barry Williams is a successful taxidermist. While all of the above is true, none of it has anything to do with THE Barry Williams, aka The Real Greg Brady.  The aforementioned gentlemen are all Googlegangers. 

Yes, Googleganger, a term that just missed being elevated by the American Dialect Society as their 2007 Word of the Year (they went with “subprime” instead).  The term refers to the unsettling discovery of other people with your name when you Google yourself.  These posers are your virtual doppelgangers, hitherto unknown individuals running amok about the world with YOUR name.  The nerve.

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05 Jan
Bob Hunt

Young Frankenstein on Broadway

‘An old Young Frankenstein?’

As we leave the holiday season behind and anticipate what wonders await us in 2008, I’m taking a moment to look back and think through a notion that struck me during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. After sitting through production numbers from Young Frankenstein, Xanadu, Legally Blonde and Mary Poppins, I began to wonder, “Is there anything original being written for Broadway these days?” As a most casual observer of the Great White Way, it seems like every show I’m hearing about is either a recycled movie or a story written around someone’s pop music catalog.

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05 Jan
Mary Jo and John Tenuto

Nostalgia Society

written by Mary Jo and John Tenuto in Blog | 1 comment

We should be thankful to a Swiss medical student Johannes Hofer from 1688 for the retro Mego versions of Brady Bunch toys now available in stores and on this website. Nostaligia is actually a psychological condition defined by Hofer as what we might think of as homesickness. When we use the word today, it means thinking fondly of the past, yet the sadness that Hofer wrote about is there because the old days can never actually be reinvented. That doesn’t mean American society doesn’t try. We are a nostalgia society. Especially starting in the 1970s, although there are examples earlier, Americans tend to be nostalgic for the era twenty years previous.

The 1970s = The 1950s
American Graffiti which was 1962, yet was about 1950s culture
Idols like Shaun Cassidy singing 1950s ballads

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01 Jan
Eric Greenberg

Growing Up 70s

Brady mania was alive and well in 2007. On a high note, the whole gang was honored with the TV Land Pop Culture Award at the 5th annual TV Land Awards. We also saw the box set release of the entire “Brady Bunch” series along with “A Very Brady Christmas” and lots more wrapped up in a nice fuzzy green package.

Your favorite Brady cast members were on the go this year. Florence Henderson gave us a sneak peak of her upcoming Retirement Living TV talk show, while Maureen McCormick destroyed everyone in her path by dropping 38 pounds on “Celebrity Fit Club” (and oh yeah…you may have heard, she’s been writing a book). As for our leader, he spent the year tearing it up on Sirius Satellite Radio, starring in “Growing Up 70s” in the heart of Times Square, and just under the wire…launching The Greg Brady Project. He also became an honorary member of the Air Force, got his own Upper Deck baseball card and appeared with Maureen on “The Singing Bee.”

In sports…

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31 Dec
Barry Williams

I am thrilled to have this medium to share ideas, maintain relationships, and encourage an ongoing dialog. This exceeds my 70’s wildest imagination of an ability to stay connected. This blog is not intended to be your typical former child star, current star, future star blog. Indeed most of them don’t even get the technology yet. We’ll help bring them along. My intention is to create a forum for discussion, to contribute regularly, to manage daily, and explore together the journey of lives, schedules, events, adventures and in short; to go boldly go where no man has ever gone before – well at least this man.

For years I have met fascinating people and I discovered those relationships were cut short by logistics or busy schedules. I have worked with wonderfully talented people on projects that have made significant contributions to my life only to find that the relationship foundered after the show/tour/job ended due to a lack of an open space to stay connected. This blog is the machine and the medium to help me keep relationships alive and active. It’s a great way to discover possibilities that have never been available to you and me before.

Thanks for Googling me and/or Gregory B. I invite you to explore my blog. You’ll find all types of information regarding schedules, events, appearances, thoughts and opinions here, and… you fill it in, the potential is without boundaries. Most of all I appreciate your interest in the multi-generational experience that we share.

Barry Williams aka…. Greg Brady

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