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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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23 Jan
Barry Williams

Up, Up and Away

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 2 comments

‘In Second Life, that’s me on the left’
‘In Second Life, that’s me on the left with John Jainschigg of CMP Metaverse’

Hurray, we officially launched <> yesterday with our MyLifeBrand Community. We are now live, up and running. It has been a very rewarding (and lengthy) experience taking it from concept to cyber reality. I am extremely grateful to the team of writers we have assembled, Jason Kirshner at RMS, Danny Scalisi at MyLifeBrand, Ian Kennedy at Yahoo!, Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal and especially Derrick Daye, without whom I wouldn’t be communicating with you right now.

I am also pleased with the welcome the social networking community has given me. I have had several wonderful chats regarding the launch of this project from some big players including USA TODAY, PEOPLE magazine, SECOND LIFE, (yes that’s my Avatar on the left) WASHINGTON POST, NEW YORK magazine, OK Magazine, several radio shows and popular blogs like Mashable and MicroPersuasion. There are so many possibilities ahead, so much potential and I am looking forward to the journey. I also thank you for having the interest and taking the time to check this blog out. While you are here I invite you to look around. Come back often, we share more daily.

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22 Jan
Mike Dudas

Barry’s recent cameo on the NBC game show “1 vs. 100” reminded me of his previous appearance on another game show 36 years ago. He appeared as a guest bachelor on the daytime version of ABC’s “The Dating Game” back in 1972. He had the task of selecting a date with one of the three mystery bachelorettes.


Here were Barry’s choices as described by announcer Johnny Jacobs and host Jim Lange:


Bachelorette #1 (Patrice) is a charming young English Miss who works in a flower show. She likes to travel and ski. She also likes snakes.


Bachelorette #2 (Monica) is a pretty young lady who plays the piano and wants to play in a band.


Bachelorette #3 (Wendy) is an artistic young Miss who wants to be an interior decorator. She likes to water ski and sail. She is also a flag twirler and prom queen.


Barry’s inquisitive questions included:

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21 Jan
Barry Williams

Hello Second Life

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 2 comments

‘Greg or Barry?’
‘Greg or Barry?’

That’s me or both of us getting ready for a conversation in Second Life. If you can, join me today at 4:00 EST.

Just Click Here.

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21 Jan
Bob Hunt

Ruby meets Oswald? The Hunt brothers attempt The Music Man.

My brother and I are professional educators, not actors, but we’re also longtime fans of The Music Man. A couple summers ago we followed a whim to audition for a local production of our favorite musical. Armed with hastily chosen songs and dramatic readings, we arrived at the community house and were almost immediately recruited into a mass drill by the choreographer, during which it was obvious to everyone that my brother and I would not be dancing in this show, if we would even appear at all. Nevertheless, we soldiered on through our auditions, heeded the classic warning to not call the director, and within a few days (wonder of wonders) he called us. My brother would portray the bumbling Mayor Shinn, and I would take the role of anvil salesman Charlie Cowell.

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20 Jan
Barry Williams

Sam, thanks for the memories

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 10 comments

Sam & Alice
‘Sam at Work’

My friend Magic Matt Alan called from his Outlaw Radio Show Saturday (Magic because when he is not doing radio shows he likes to saw people in half) to get my thoughts about the passing of Allan Melvin our dear Sam the Butcher. After we got passed the usual jokes – did he ever give Alice any free meat, where did they really go on their bowling dates, will the Brady’s ever get to eat meatloaf again, we talked and shared a bit about this kind, talented character actor.

His television career goes back to the days of Sgt. Bilko with Phil Silvers. He was already a veteran by the time he joined our show in 1970 having worked in other series such as The Andy Griffith Show, Gomer Pyle USMC and The Dick Van Dyke Show. Most of the scenes Allan did were with Ann B. Davis and did not include us kids. We were usually busy in the school room. But I can recall the extra energy he brought to the set, even when I was just passing through, and the ease with which those two pros brought their relationship to life. One thing I found interesting and just recently learned is that he is the voice of Magilla Gorilla.

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19 Jan
Bob Hunt

Eye of the Beholder

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | 4 comments

Take a good look at the above painting. That’s right: painting. If you thought you were looking at a photograph, then give kudos to the artist for achieving realism through oil on canvas. Now, ask yourself: is this a good piece of art? Is it something that clearly required a talented hand, an accomplishment that is not likely to be within reach of the average person? What if I told you that this painting greets visitors in the atrium of the Louvre in Paris and has an estimated value of 3.5 million euros? Has your estimation of its artistic strength increased? What if I then told you that I bought this painting for $20 in the clearance aisle at Sears? Might it suddenly seem less impressive as a creative statement?

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18 Jan
Barry Williams

My Son is Five!

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 3 comments

‘Little B and Dad’
‘Dad and Little B’

My son, Brandon, turned five years old yesterday. We are together in New York City for the week. I was looking to do something special to celebrate. According to Brandon, I scored. This past November and December I starred in a new off Broadway musical called Growing Up 70′s. In that show I took a young 10 year old talented actor, whose name is Trevor Braun, on a tour of the seventies. At points in the show he also played the role of my son. Brandon and Trevor became friends. During my production Trevor landed the role of Flounder, Ariel’s loyal sidekick, in the Broadway musical of the Little Mermaid. That happens to be Brandon’s favorite story, I think it has something to do with the sea and kissing the girl.

Well, with the help of Trevor’s parents, I arranged tickets to Wednesday’s matinee to see the show with Trevor in it.

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17 Jan
Bob Hunt

Where sitcom stars shine

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | 2 comments

‘Married Alive’

When Barry treads the boards next month in Married Alive at the New Theatre Restaurant in Kansas City, he’ll be acting and singing in a venue that has hosted many TV celebrities since its initial season in 1992. Some of television’s most beloved sitcoms have seen their alumni grace the New Theater stage, from The Odd Couple‘s Jack Klugman (Aspirin and Elephants, 2002) to All in the Family‘s Sally Struthers (Club of Hearts, 2005). Even Charlotte Rae of Facts of Life fame has entertained the dining audiences of Kansas City (in The Solid Gold Cadillac, 1997).

Interestingly, some TV shows have sent multiple performers to the New Theatre. Love Boat, for example, may boast appearances by both Gavin MacLeod (Lend Me A Tenor, 1998) and Bernie Kopell (Leading Ladies, 2007). One Day at a Time has sent along not only Bonnie Franklin (Same Time Next Year, 2000; 2 Across, 2005) but also Pat Harrington (Father of the Bride, 2002). Tom Bosley (Beau Jest, 2002) and Marion Ross (Steel Magnolias, 1995; Over the River and Through the Woods, 2001 and 2006; Barefoot in the Park, 2004) have both acted there since leaving Happy Days. And though The Andy Griffith Show‘s Elinor Donahue only showed up at the New Theater once (Never Too Late, 1997), colleague Don Knotts returned for a total of four shows (Harvey, 1994; You Can’t Take It With You, 1996; On Golden Pond, 1999 and 2003; Norman, Is That You?, 2001).

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16 Jan
Barry Williams

Hey Joe, throw me the ball

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 3 comments

The Super Bowl is just around the corner and in the world of football we’re down to four teams: Giants, Packers, Chargers and Patriots. For most people it’s the holidays that stir that nostalgic emotion. For me the connection with a particular time of year is the big day that brings two teams of gladiators together for that annual test of mettle – the Super Bowl. It all started with a man known as Broadway Joe.

On the Brady Bunch, we weren’t known for our “guest stars” although we had several. Joe Namath is one guest star who is particularly memorable and, one could say even inspirational. Already a legendary football player by the time our fifth season of the Bunch got underway, I was able to spend a couple of days on the set with him. Unfortunately for me the episode called MAIL ORDER HERO, focused around little Brady brother Bobby. I didn’t let that get in the way of playing receiver of his passes in patterns of down and outs and going long in-between takes. Joe was, simply put, a gracious guy. He didn’t avoid everyone by staying in his dressing room until he was called, he didn’t sit in the corner waiting to get it over with, he was social, friendly, and oh yeah… pretty good with a football.

I ate it up.

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15 Jan
Eric Greenberg

Surviving the Strike

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 2 comments

WGA Strike

OK. Nobody panic, but in case you didn’t notice, there were no previews for upcoming shows at the end of last Wednesday’s episode of “Gossip Girl.” This leads to two questions. 1.) Are we finally at the point where the WGA strike has turned from a news headline into something that actually affects us as viewers? 2) Do I really want to admit in writing that I’m hooked on the aforementioned CW series like a teenage girl?

We all hoped there’d be a resolution before the well ran dry, but here we are at the end of the line. “30 Rock”: Done. “The Office”: Done. “How I Met Your Mother”: Done. Now I’m clinging to the last few episodes of “Friday Night Lights” for dear life. You can check out this TV Guide Link to determine the severity of your personal viewing situation, but there’s no doubt the outlook is bleak. At this point, the only thing left to do is figure out how to pass the time until next season.

Let me remind you friends, that before television, there was another medium called literature. The original art of storytelling. The medium that requires a little effort and your endless imagination. Why not take this opportunity to go to your local library and re-discover the wonders of reading a good book? OK. Enough horsing around. Here’s the real plan…

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