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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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02 Feb
Barry Williams

Attention! Mr. President

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 4 comments

‘Just like this one’

With all of the primaries going on it’s hard not to think about politics. The race is fascinating and the election is still more than nine months away. It is hard for me to imagine how anyone can handle the job of President with all of the scrutiny, the ultimate invasion of privacy 24/7, and of course the challenge of learning how to speak out of both sides of your mouth — at the same time. I am intrigued with how the political machinery works and just so happen to have a Presidential story to share with you.

A few years ago, I was invited to join the Broadway cast of Victor/Victoria for a production in Houston, Texas. I was to play the role of Toddy, originally created onstage by Tony Roberts and played in the movie by Robert Preston. At the end of the show Toddy discovers his “inner self” puts on a dress, full make up, a head dress and high heels and performs.

I may as well tell you right now, I do not make a pretty girl. I can however manage high heels, in my case a size 131/2 . This transformation takes place as during the show as a quick change, so I had two wardrobe assistants help me get into the garb. In the song I parade around the stage in all my glory.

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01 Feb
Eric Greenberg

Extreme Makeover: Sitcom Edition

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 12 comments

A while back, a friend told me about a store in New York that sells furniture used in TV shows. I started thinking how cool it would be to furnish my entire apartment with items seen on the small screen. OK, I wouldn’t actually do it. I probably wouldn’t do it. Alright, I might actually do it, but only if I could get my hands on top of the line goods.

So here’s the deal. You have a free pass to run wild through any sitcom set in TV history. At the end of the day, you can take home exactly five items, but no more than one per show. What would you take back to your place? Want to see how my killer pad is shaping up?
‘Bus Driver, Move that bus!…’
“Bus driver, move that bus!”…

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31 Jan
Eric Greenberg

Booted From the Bunch

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 2 comments

Sure, he has a gorgeous girlfriend, makes millions in endorsements alone, and according to The Greg Brady Project polling, will pick up his fourth Super Bowl ring this Sunday. Still, it makes you like Tom Brady a little more to know that it didn’t all come easy. Casual fans may not be aware that Tom started both his high school and college careers on the bench, and had to sit around for six rounds before the Patriots finally called his name in the NFL draft. Then there’s this dark corner of his Brady past, uncovered by ESPN:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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30 Jan
Barry Williams

Show Biz: Never a Dull Moment

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 3 comments

‘It Happened Here’
‘It Happened Here’

I began rehearsals for my new Musical Review, MARRIED ALIVE, yesterday. I met for the first time the other three talented actors who comprise our cast. Cathy Barnett, who plays my wife, Jessalyn Kincaid, who plays the idealistic fully and committed to it for the first time young bride and Allan Snyder who is her groom. As a part of the actor’s ritual of forming bonds with a new cast, we went to lunch together. We were all sharing stories of various productions we had worked in and some of the unusual things that can occur during any live performance. Allan who is in his twenties, and has several roles in common with me such as Curly in OKLAHOMA! and Tony in WEST SIDE STORY reminded me of a frightful experience I had during a performance of WEST SIDE STORY.

This was I think in the late eighties, the place, The Jones Beach Theatre on Long Island, NY. Now, The Jones Beach Theatre on Long Island is like no other theatre I have ever played. Originally built for the Water Olympics, it is a stage that literally floats in the Atlantic Ocean. The front row of the outdoor 8,000 seat stadium is separated by a “moat” of ocean water. Backstage, to cross from stage right to stage left, you literally step onto a water-craft and are speedboated around to the other side. At night the theatrical lights attract all types of fish including sharks… exciting stuff.

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29 Jan
Bob Hunt

Accept No Substitutes

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | 5 comments

‘No…Not Fake Jan’
‘No…Not Fake Jan’

The Brady Bunch has seen its share of stand-ins over the years. The recent passing of Allan Melvin recalls the disappointment that fans experienced during A Very Brady Christmas, in which a faux Sam the butcher is lamely concealed beneath a Santa costume. The same TV movie was notable for the absence of Susan Olsen as Cindy. When The Bradys came along for its brief run, it did so without the participation of Maureen McCormick as Marcia. But among all of the Brady substitutions, none seems so rooted in the firmament of pop culture as the non-presence of Eve Plumb in The Brady Bunch Variety Hour. You know what I’m talking about: Fake Jan.

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28 Jan
Bob Hunt

Barry Haiku

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | 3 comments

‘Poetry in Motion’
‘Poetry in Motion’

It’s poetry day here at The Greg Brady Project. Time to sharpen our pencils and make the world a whole lot brighter by sharing some inspiring verse. The format? Why, haiku, of course. For the uninitiated, haiku is a Japanese poetic device in which three related images are described successively in three lines. In English, it is often expressed using exactly five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second line, and five syllables in the last line. Here, then, are some Barry-inspired examples:

Barry is not Greg.

Some people think otherwise.

What a patient man.

Get the idea? Feel those creative juices flowing? Here’s another one:

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27 Jan
Mary Jo and John Tenuto


written by Mary Jo and John Tenuto in Blog | 2 comments

There are words from sociology, call them our argot or lingo, which are sometimes utilized differently from the generic society. The word icon is a good example. Icons mean popular symbols. The Superman logo or the American Flag is an icon. Usually, people are not icons for sociologists. People, fictional or real, are called celebrities, not really icons.

Yet occasionally, some people become symbolic enough to be icons. John Travolta with his polyester suit is icon worthy. Madonna is a symbol of the 1980s. Greg Brady is the fictional icon of 1970s fashion, music, television, and media culture. Yet, is Barry Williams?

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26 Jan
Barry Williams

Kansas Anyone?

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 8 comments

‘Kansas Anyone?’

This has been a very exciting week in the world of Barry. The Greg Brady Project has officially been launched and promoted as of Tuesday. This is the culmination of 9 months of discussion, criteria, and research. Here we are. The hard part is now complete; let the dialog begin. I am changing gears in a big way next week. I closed my Off Broadway musical GROWING UP 70’s on December 30th and am preparing to head to Kansas City, Kansas to start another new musical called MARRIED ALIVE.

GROWING UP 70’s fulfilled an ambition I have had since before I was a teenager. While I have had my runs on Broadway, in PIPPIN, and ROMANCE/ROMANCE, both were take-over roles, the first for John Rubinstein and then for Scott Bakula. I always have wanted to be in on the ground floor, at the beginning, to create a new role in a new show and have a run at it. Well, with GROWING UP 70’s I was not only in on the ground floor but along with other key players such as club owner Anthony Dinapoli, and director/writer Jason Summers, I helped create, develop, write, co-produce and star in a new musical which we played right in Times Square. Anthony Dinapoli even made sure to have my name and color photo on the Marquee facing Broadway.

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25 Jan
Bob Hunt

The Tenth Brady

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | 21 comments

‘The 10th Brady?’‘The 10th Brady?’‘The 10th Brady?’
When I say fifth Beatle, whose name pops into your mind? Chances are, it’s George Martin, the legendary producer whose talent shaped the arrangement and sound of the songs we know so well. But maybe not. Others argue that the accolade should go to Pete Best, the original drummer who was dumped early on in favor of Ringo Starr. Still others believe it’s Mal Evans, whose behind-the-scenes efforts as roadie and general gofer contributed to happily working Beatles as much as anyone. And then there’s Yoko Ono. The point is, there are a lot of cases to be made for the honorary title of Fifth Beatle.Which brings us to a question likely to spark scholastic debate for generations to come: after we account for the nine smiling faces that beam from the opening credits matrix, who was the Tenth Brady?

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24 Jan
Eric Greenberg


written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 6 comments

I just couldn’t hide anymore. Over the weekend, I officially turned myself in. They picked me up in the white van, taught me the secret handshake and issued me a pair of earbuds. Yes, I now officially own an iPod. OK, I’m still not cool enough to have an iPhone, but it looks similar enough that I can walk around New York holding it up to my ear just to fit in. Yes, I lost a little individuality, but it feels good to be one of you!

From what I’ve been reading around the web, a lot of you tech geeks are legitimately impressed by Barry’s web savvy. To be honest, with all that’s going on in your world, I’m surprised you found time to notice. Two weeks ago, the annual Consumer Electronics Show made your heads spin with everything from wireless nunchucks for your Nintendo Wii to GPS for your Golden Retriever. Then just last week, Steve Jobs pulled the world’s thinnest laptop out of a manila envelope at MacWorld. But while you were giddy with excitement, I was having an MP3 meltdown.

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