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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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04 Apr
Bob Hunt

The Barry Williams Game

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | 3 comments

Kevin Bacon. He has a Barry Williams Number of 2.

If you haven’t yet heard of the established pop culture phenomenon known as The Kevin Bacon Game, chances are one of your friends (or one of their friends) has. In a silly twist to the sociological theory of “six degrees of separation,” participants attempt to link various actors to Kevin Bacon through a chain of no more than five movie collaborations. The closer the connection, the lower one’s Kevin Bacon Number. Thus, Barry Williams (who appeared in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star with Tom Arnold, who in turn shared the screen with the Baconator himself in We Married Margo) has a Kevin Bacon Number of 2. Or shall we say that Kevin Bacon has a Barry Williams Number of 2?

Thanks to a rather addictive Internet Movie Database search engine at The Oracle of Bacon, one can input the names of any two actors and instantly discover the degree of their collaborative separation. It may not surprise you that within the insular world of movie acting, most thespians can be connected to Barry in fewer than five links. In fact, when it comes to playing the Barry Williams Game, the most challenging objective may be to find an actor who has a BW Number of 4 or higher.

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02 Apr
Eric Greenberg

Born in the U.K.

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 2 comments

He’s a young up and coming chef, who just happens to live with two girls. Don’t get too excited though. It’s all ”strictly platonic.” Of course, that leaves him plenty of time for checking out the ladies at the local pub with his buddy Larry…as long as he keeps it on the DL, seeing that his landlord thinks he’s gay. You know him. You love him. He’s Robin Tripp. Huh?

I caught a headline not too long ago that said U.S. television is borrowing more and more of its ideas from England. Maybe. Or maybe we’re just more aware of it. I think by now, lots of people know that half of the reality shows you’ve seen in recent years originally started overseas. Lots of you probably even know that the hit sitcom “The Office” is adapted from the unbelievably good BBC series of the same name. While British programming hasn’t exactly reached mainstream status here in the States, recent airplay on BBC America along with the TV show DVD phenomenon have made the original versions of adapted shows like “The Office,” “Coupling” and ”Kitchen Nightmares” (all of which I prefer) start to sneak their way into American homes. Whether you knew it or not though, you’ve been watching Americanized versions of British shows for years.

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31 Mar
Bob Hunt

Brady Book Review

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | 1 comment


Welcome to the glorious debut (and quite possibly the inauspicious finale) of Brady Book Review, in which the intrepid staff of the GBP flexes its intellectual muscle (say, where did we put that intellectual muscle?) in unbiased critique of Brady literature.  Today’s installment concerns William Johnston’s 1969 effort entitled The Brady Bunch, a Lancer Book publication available wherever musty, out-of-print books are sold.  It was the first of eight Brady novelizations (five of which would be penned by Johnston) that crowded the paperback racks during the original run of the TV series.

If a survey of the genre is any indication, William Johnston was a prolific author of TV tie-ins, having already written books based on series such as Get Smart and The Flying Nun before the Brady Era (or BBE) and moving on to create Happy Days and Welcome Back, Kotter novels afterward (or AFJ – After Fake Jan).  Biographical information on Johnston is elusive, however, leading me to suspect that he might have been the Alan Smithee of TV novelizations.  Or at least the Franklin W. Dixon.  In any case, real or not, William Johnston knew how to crank ‘em out.

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28 Mar
Eric Greenberg

Apparently when Bob Hunt speaks, people listen. The latest Brady revival, “A Very Brady Musical” is officialy set to open at Theatre West in Los Angeles this summer. Don’t expect a strict adaption though. The show will be geared towards adults and will have some very un-Brady like fun with your favorite characters.

If anyone thought Sherwood Schwartz would just coast on his new Hollywood Walk of Fame star, they’d be sorely mistaken. He’s executive producing the show with his son/”Brady Bunch” producer Lloyd Schwartz directing. With music and lyrics from Sherwood’s daughter Hope and son-in-law Laurence Juber, it’s truly a family operation. But before anyone starts crying nepotism, you should know that Juber spent a few years playing guitar for Paul McCartney in Wings.  

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26 Mar
Bob Hunt

‘Spin Cycle’
“Gee, I wish I had taken it easy on the clam chowder…”

We laugh now at the modest conventions that censored questionable content in television’s first decades. CBS avoided tweaking delicate 50′s sensibilities by seeing to it that Lucy Ricardo was euphemistically “expecting” Little Ricky instead of being “pregnant.” The same network was still skittish in the 60′s, forbidding Rob and Laura Petrie to sleep in the same bed. And although ABC allowed Sherwood Schwartz to shatter the matrimonial bed taboo, the sight of a Brady bathroom toilet was apparently considered to be too progressive. It was up to CBS to move forward on the potty front by permitting Archie Bunker to reinvent the punchline as an offscreen flush.

Then things started to loosen up (literally), with the world of cinema customarily leading the way. A common concern among the squeamish is emetophobia, or the fear of vomit. This was exploited to horrific effect in 1973′s The Exorcist, in which Linda Blair kept the split pea soup flowing. 1983 saw Monty Python playing the phobia for laughs in a notoriously over-the-top restaurant scene from The Meaning of Life. By 1986, even a mainstream feature like Rob Reiner’s Stand By Me had its share of projectile vomiting, as outrageously depicted in a boy’s tale of a fateful pie eating contest. Television would eventually catch up with the phenomenon, most notably in the format of reality television. From Fear Factor to The Amazing Race, inducing vomiting through the consumption of barely edible entrails and insects has become something of an American tradition.

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24 Mar
Barry Williams

Of Fans and Dating

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 3 comments

‘My kind of date’
‘My kind of date’

From time to time I am asked if I have dated fans. Well, once. While I was filming the Brady Bunch I didn’t get out very much. The schedule was just too demanding. We Brady kids had plenty of fans but didn’t know very many people. I went to High School with one other person; Maureen McCormick. I got a fan letter with a photo of a very attractive girl about my age, 16. She lived not too far away so I called her. I arranged for us t meet to meet at an ice skating rink in Santa Monica. I don’t know why I chose an ice skating rink because I can barely get around on skates, but I thought it would be fun and a good place to get acquainted.

We set the date for the next Friday night at 7:30. She showed up looking good and seemed to be very nice. We got a couple of soft drinks and sat down to talk. She giggled a lot, as teenage girls often do and I never liked. It was a little loud at the rink but I was really getting irritated with one table about 30 feet away that had three teenage girls who kept laughing and “trying” not to look in our direction.

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23 Mar
Bob Hunt

Starving for the Buffet

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | 2 comments

‘All You Can Hear?’
‘All You Can Hear?’

If there is an audiophile to be found in our family of four, it would be me. I’m the one who transferred a habit of precise LP and cassette tape organization to a treasured collection of compact discs, filing each jewel case by artist and then by album release date. If you’re wondering where all the RCA cables and Y-adapters went, I’m your go-to guy. And who’s the one responsible for maintaining the electronic spaghetti that makes our component-filled armoire an entertainment center? Me again. So if anyone in our household should own an iPod, it’s yours truly. Yet, I’m the only one who does not. Yes, my wife and daughters amble about with smiles on their faces and buds in their ears while I merely contemplate my digital future. In fact, I had all but made up my mind to obtain the coveted 160GB Classic by this summer, when a stunning piece of news changed my tune.

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21 Mar
Eric Greenberg

Brady Sports Madness

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 4 comments


This is a great time of year for sports fans. The NBA and NHL are heading towards the home stretch. Opening Day and The Masters are right around the corner, and March Madness is officially underway. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll catch some of today’s action and by the time ”One Shining Moment” comes around, I’m bound to find a Cinderella story to latch on to. But with my school heading for the NIT and no major upsets on day one, my mind is left with a little time to wander. That said, I started thinking about some of the great athletes that have walked through the Brady Bunch set. 

It’s amazing that no matter how great a career a pro athlete has had, they can be so identified with a guest spot on a sitcom. Think about it. If someone says the name Keith Hernandez today, what do you think of first, the ’86 World Series or “Seinfeld”? For me, while Kevin McHale will always remind me of those great Celtics teams I grew up watching, I can’t think about him too long without picturing him counting the bolts in the old Boston Garden floor on “Cheers.” Of course not every sports related guest spot ends up being so memorable, which makes it even more amazing that “The Brady Bunch” has racked up several that people can’t seem to forget. 

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18 Mar
Bob Hunt

She was wisecracking yet efficient, gentle as a rule but firm when necessary. Unflappable amidst chaos, she could restore order in an instant. She knew how to read the face of a troubled child and deliver just the right words to make it all better. Her sense of humor was infectious, and she loved a good joke even more than the next person. Long ago she dedicated her life to serving others, always with a satisfied smile of quiet contentment.

Alice Nelson, devoted housekeeper of the Brady family? Certainly. But I’m actually describing Sister Barbara Simon, my fourth grade teacher and “personal Alice.”

Sister Barbara belied the stereotype of the stern disciplinarian nun. She was jovial and witty, and she refused to take herself too seriously. On one occasion during a church festival, she was working the hamburger grill when she overheard a customer requesting a toasted bun. Her famous reply: “Tell him to stand by the fire if he wants his buns toasted!” How many nuns would dare say such a thing? Sister Barbara was so friendly and likable, she could get away with being charming where others would be offensive. Day after day she entertained herself by peppering her instruction with jokes, most of which went right over the heads of her young charges.

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16 Mar
Eric Greenberg

Video Killed the Blogging Star

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 3 comments


Someone out there’s trying to sabotage my busy blogging schedule. That can be the only reason that NBC Universal and News Corp. launched earlier this week. That and trying to turn a profit with internet video. But I’m pretty sure it’s the first reason. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s probably for the best. No good can come of you knowing that at this very moment there are hundreds of current and classic TV series available for viewing online…free.

I really think this is my family and friends’ worst nightmare. As if I don’t stay up too late watching TV already, they now have to worry about coming to my apartment and finding me keeled over my desk, half delusional, with “Doogie Howser” playing on my desktop. It’s a legitimate concern.

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