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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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06 May
Bob Hunt

The Cincinnati Kids. Hawaii Bound. Pass the Tabu. The Tiki Caves. The Subject Was Noses. You might know the five aforementioned Brady Bunch episodes by the key words King’s Island, Hawaii, and Oh, my nose! Time and again as I interviewed fans who were gathered for a recent personal appearance by Barry, these shows were cited as personal favorites. Although I would agree that each of them is a classic, none of them appears in my Brady Six.

The Brady Six is your personal top-six list of favorite Bunch episodes. There is only one criterion for inclusion: each episode you choose should be one that you never tire of watching, the sort of show that causes you to be delighted as the opening credits conclude and you realize that one of the best Brady Bunchesever is on the air. While compiling my own list, I noticed that five of my six favorites include Greg in a prominent role. I swear on my tiki idol that my list would still be the same if I were blogging for the Cindy Brady Project! Here, then, presented in the order in which they originally aired, is my Brady Six.

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04 May
Eric Greenberg

World Wide Web Surfing

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 1 comment


Here are your Greg Brady Project links for the first full week of May:

The honors keep rolling in for Sherwood Schwartz. On the heels of his Hollywood star, the Brady creator will now be inducted into the Television Hall of Fame.

American Family Insurance is using a “Brady Bunch” theme in its new TV ad campaign.  

The people over at TiVo are celebrating Mother’s Day early with their new list of TV’s all-time greatest moms. Clair Huxtable may have grabbed the top slot, but Carol Brady held her own.  

Speaking of lists, Brady fans will be happy to see the show beat out classics like “Happy Days,” “Taxi,” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show” to land in the top half of AOL’s  Best TV Comedies. (Thanks to USA Today’s Pop Candy for the tip off.) 

Any “30 Rock” fans out there? The best sitcom on TV upped its game with a “Brady Bunch” reference two and a half minutes into last Thursday’s episode.  

Send your Brady/Pop Culture links to

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01 May
Bob Hunt


The ubiquitous yellow smiley face of the 70′s has never faded away, especially at Wal-Mart, where its contemporary cousin accompanies every in-store “price rollback.” But for the people of Canton, Ohio, there were quite a few more smiles in the aisles than usual on a recent Sunday thanks to the arrival of another 70′s icon: Barry Williams. There he was, sitting at a table near the front registers, and woe to the casual shopper who merely wanted to take the shortest path from greeting cards to the pharmacy. That route was occupied by a steady presence of fans and admirers. They snapped up autographed merchandise, captured photos, and mostly, they smiled.

Local resident Marcia Miller provided the reason why. “I’ve just always been a Brady Bunch fan,” she enthused, “because it was just one of those shows that made you feel real good.” With a prized CD of Meet the Brady Bunch in hand, she had arrived two hours prior to the scheduled start of Barry’s autograph session. Marcia described herself as a fan “ever since the show came on, 1968 to 1974,” and like others in attendance, she singled out the King’s Island show, Hawaii episodes, and Marcia Brady’s disastrous encounter with a football as memorable highlights.

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29 Apr
Eric Greenberg

Who knew there are so many powerful “Brady Bunch” fans out there? In Sunday’s ”World Wide Web Surfing” post, I linked to a story about Indiana gubernatorial candidate Jim Schellinger having become an architect because of Mike Brady. Well long before seeing that, I read a rumor that Louisiana’s new governor and former Congressman Bobby Jindal (born Piyush Jindal) took his first name from another Brady. Last night, he confirmed it on “The Tonight Show:”   

“You know, unfortunately the rumors are true…I watched a lot of TV growing up. And when I was four years old, my mom went to pick me up from school and the teacher said, he’s got a new name. She says ‘what do you mean he’s got a new name?’ And apparently I went to school one day and told my friends and my teachers to start calling me Bobby. It was off my favorite character of my favorite TV show. I was watching ‘The Brady Bunch’ and Bobby Brady…”

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27 Apr
Eric Greenberg

World Wide Web Surfing

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 1 comment


Just in time to goof off at work Monday morning, here’s your first set of Greg Brady Project links:

NBC announced the lineup for this summer’s ”Celebrity Circus” reality series. Check out which Brady is headed for the big top.

Despite the Oscar, there’s a lot more than Ray Charles coming out of Jamie Foxx’s piano.  I’m guessing you’ve never heard the “Brady Bunch” theme like this.

Someone’s unloading their Topps “Brady Bunch” trading cards one by one on eBay. If you don’t mind the $4.95 starting bid, here’s a cool one of Greg.  

Everybody has a MySpace page these days, even if you’re a nobody!

With the Indiana primary just over a week away, Jim Schellinger is in a tight race to become the democratic nominee for Governor. His opponent, Jill Long Thompson, is a former Congresswoman. He’s an architect. Guess why he got into that line of work?

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23 Apr
Eric Greenberg

Hello Again, Hello

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 2 comments

It’s been way too long since my last post. Good to see you again. So I had one of those weird TV coincidences the other night. I was watching “The Hills” on DVR and tossing some blog ideas around, thinking I might write an entry about the unpredictable sustainability of Neil Diamond’s career. Pretty random considering Heidi and Spencer may not even know who he is, and most of you reading here probably don’t know who Heidi and Spencer are. How do I get myself hooked on these shows? Anyway, I finished watching and started scanning the channel guide and there was “The Jazz Singer.” It was either a sign that somebody’s mad at me for skipping Passover seder or that this post is meant to be. 

I had actually just seen “The Jazz Singer” for the first time on cable a few weeks ago and what was even more surprising to me is how much I liked it. Here’s some free advice: no matter how much you try to fight it, at some point in life, everyone becomes a Neil Diamond fan. The sooner you accept it, the better off you’ll be.

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21 Apr
Bob Hunt

Celebrity is a funny thing. We enjoy a famous person’s work and occasionally catch a glimpse of what is purported to be the star’s personal life. After consuming magazine interviews, chat show appearances, and the standard fare from an official website, we are left to fill in the holes by inferring what our favorite celebrities are really like. With no evidence to the contrary, we are likely to project our own preferences and values upon our heroes. The more we do this, the greater the disillusionment when we discover – horror of horrors!- that the personality we’ve admired for so long thinks very differently than we do. The naivete of a fan, if you will.

I used to be a big Woody Allen fan. The outrageous non-sequiturs of his short stories and the surreal silliness of early films like Take the Money and Run and Sleeper struck a major chord during my adolescence. His intellectual persona gave me hope on the bleakest high school days that there was intelligent life out there, if not in my study hall. Even his experimentation with the more serious themes of Interiors and Stardust Memories intrigued me, and I admired the integrity of a talented director who demanded and received creative control of his films.

By early adulthood, I was an entrenched Woodyphile.

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17 Apr
Bob Hunt

Card Tricks

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | 1 comment

“Wonder what I could trade for a groovy Richard Nixon rookie card?”

With baseball season now underway and welcome signs of spring appearing each day, I recently indulged an old compulsion for the first time in nearly thirty years: I bought some baseball cards. I chose Topps, the brand of my youth and the name that adorned countless sports cards left behind by my older brothers. Noting the price of $2 for a pack of 10, I sighed at the fact that baseball cards are about as affordable a luxury for me now as they were when I scrambled for spare change as a child. Nevertheless, with the responsibilities of adulthood comes the freedom of frittering away our finances as we see fit, and so it was that I brought home a whopping 60 cards from the 2008 Series.

Among the stack were a couple coveted Cleveland Indians (Kenny Lofton – oh, he’s gone already – and Victor Martinez) and what I perceived to be a rather repugnant postseason card of Manny Ramirez “being Manny” (my apologies to Eric Greenberg). There were extraneous cards like checklists and promotions, and then…and then…What is this? Ron Paul?!

That’s right, Ron Paul, the U.S. Congressional Representative from Texas and candidate for Commander in Chief, one of a dozen presidential hopefuls to have their mugs grace the Campaign 2008 subset. I’m not kidding!

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11 Apr
Barry Williams

Royal Treatment in Kansas City

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 1 comment

My run at the New Theatre in Kansas City, KS doing the musical comedy revue MARRIED ALIVE is coming to an end this Sunday, April 13th. I arrived on January 28th and opened our eight week run on February 13th. I have mixed feelings about it closing. Naturally I am anxious to get home. I have been away for a long time. But I have enjoyed this musical as much as any show I have ever done and I have appeared in more than 75 different productions.

The primary reasons I have enjoyed it so much is because I have never hung with more passionate fans and the wonderful people I have been working with. The New Theatre Restaurant is one of the most successful theaters in the country. The two producers, Richard Carrothers and Dennis Hennessy, run a tight ship and the sailing is smooth. The people they employ are loyal, thoughtful and helpful. Our show was totally sold out of its 637 seats nearly every performance, and I am not trying to take the credit. They have an enormous subscription. All I was responsible for were the few seats that remained available.

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07 Apr
Bob Hunt

Click Here

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | 4 comments

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…

If I directed you to click here with the promise that doing so would bring you, say, compromising footage of an attractive celebrity, or maybe a hilarious clip of a monkey jockey winning a potbellied pig race, or even a music video featuring vintage footage of Gerald Ford tarmac missteps, would you follow the link? Go ahead, ponder your options. Take your time, I’ll wait right here. Feel free to click at any time.

Did you swallow the bait? Congratulations! You’ve been Rickrolled! Now that you are officially part of an Internet phenomenon that has been growing steadily over the past year, hurry up and Rickroll your uninitiated friends before the trend catches their ears and eyes. It’s easy to do: simply post a hyperlink with a tantalizing title, but use the URL for a YouTube clip of Rick Astley’s 1988 pop smash Never Gonna Give You Up. Then sit back and smile at the thought of your loved ones sitting entranced before Astley’s signature moves (or move, as the case may be).

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