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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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19 Feb
Barry Williams

On the Highway to Heaven

written by Barry Williams in barry | 5 comments

A couple of days ago I received a residual check for a two part episode of Highway to Heaven I appeared in. The shows were filmed in 1985, the second season of the series.

This got me thinking about how much fun I had playing in Michael Landon’s celebrity tennis tournaments held annually in Phoenix, AZ. I competed in four of them and took home the top prize in two. Although we were practically neighbors in Malibu, it was at these tournaments I first met and got to know Michael Landon. Part of the weekend events included a Charity dinner/auction/show in which I was an invited performer. I brought my charts for Hooked On A Feeling, Treat Her Like A Lady and She Believes In Me and along with 4 or 5 others we “put on a show.”

On one of these Saturday night events, Michael was watching from the audience and doing some casting for his series. He had a two part episode of Highway to Heaven coming up that he was directing and which had a character of an arrogant, selfish, pop star who was a dad to a boy with cancer. After watching me perform at his tournament show, Michael decided I was perfect for the part.

Working with Michael on his show is one of the most profound experiences of my career.

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08 Feb
Eric Greenberg

A ‘Stache From the Past

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog, barry | 5 comments

Is that Barry Williams or Phil Packer?

Just when I was thinking about how nobody grows moustaches anymore, “USA Today’s” great “Pop Candy” blog tipped me off to The American Moustache Institute, which has been lobbying the ‘stache agenda since 2006. Not only does the AMI fight for the rights of moustached Americans everywhere, they’re kicking off their quest to build a Moustache Hall of Fame by asking the public to choose four fuzzy faces to grace the soon to be unveiled Mt. ‘Stachemore. Call me crazy, but I think the Greg Brady Project has a horse in this race.

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06 Feb
Eric Greenberg

When I was young, I used to practice signing autographs in my notebook during school. To Steve: Best Wishes, Eric Greenberg. To Bill: Good Luck, Eric Greenberg. It seemed like such a cool thing to do and it probably never occurred to me that it might actually get old after a while. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn the hard way. It’s only a matter of time before I get cornered at the mall by a crazy band of Greg Brady Project fans that have been looking at my blog photo with a magnifying glass.
Back in the day, I wasn’t just into signing autographs for imaginary people. I was also into collecting them. I had one of those books of the stars’ addresses and used to send out letters in bulk. I pretty much sent everyone the same note telling them how big a fan I was of their work and then sat back and waited for the responses to roll in…and they did. “To Eric: Welcome to my neighborhood, Fred Rogers.” “John Ritter was here.” “With Love From Carol and all the Bradys, Florence Henderson.” My mailbox was the show biz center of Massachusetts.
Again, I was much younger then. Seven or eight years old. Sixteen tops. These days, it’s incredibly rare that I ask someone for an autograph. Maybe I’ve become a little more used to running into celebrities. Maybe I just don’t have a whole lot of room for this stuff in my apartment. Maybe I’m just trying to be a little more considerate. For every polite fan that waits for the right moment, there are plenty who are a little too pushy at inappropriate times, and I just don’t want to be “that guy”…usually.

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04 Feb
Barry Williams

A ‘Super’ Super Bowl Sunday

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 6 comments

‘We haven’t seen the last of Tom’
‘We haven’t seen the last of Tom’

I love the Super Bowl.  The tradition, the pageantry, the competition.  Last night’s game between the Patriots and Giants is one for the memory banks.  For the first time in recent history the game was actually more competitive than the commercials.  And the commercials were laugh out loud good.  I will watch the game just for the commercials, but in my opinion last night’s contest was truly what watching professional sports is all about.  I am on record as being partial to the Patriots, after all their quarter back is a Brady, but the game last night was electric.  The score was close throughout, and at all times left both teams within one play of changing leaders.  The commitment and drive of the players is inspiring.  I chose not to attend a big Super Bowl bash this year and instead watched it with a new friend here in Kansas City where I am getting ready to open a new musical review.

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02 Feb
Barry Williams

Attention! Mr. President

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 4 comments

‘Just like this one’

With all of the primaries going on it’s hard not to think about politics. The race is fascinating and the election is still more than nine months away. It is hard for me to imagine how anyone can handle the job of President with all of the scrutiny, the ultimate invasion of privacy 24/7, and of course the challenge of learning how to speak out of both sides of your mouth — at the same time. I am intrigued with how the political machinery works and just so happen to have a Presidential story to share with you.

A few years ago, I was invited to join the Broadway cast of Victor/Victoria for a production in Houston, Texas. I was to play the role of Toddy, originally created onstage by Tony Roberts and played in the movie by Robert Preston. At the end of the show Toddy discovers his “inner self” puts on a dress, full make up, a head dress and high heels and performs.

I may as well tell you right now, I do not make a pretty girl. I can however manage high heels, in my case a size 131/2 . This transformation takes place as during the show as a quick change, so I had two wardrobe assistants help me get into the garb. In the song I parade around the stage in all my glory.

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30 Jan
Barry Williams

Show Biz: Never a Dull Moment

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 3 comments

‘It Happened Here’
‘It Happened Here’

I began rehearsals for my new Musical Review, MARRIED ALIVE, yesterday. I met for the first time the other three talented actors who comprise our cast. Cathy Barnett, who plays my wife, Jessalyn Kincaid, who plays the idealistic fully and committed to it for the first time young bride and Allan Snyder who is her groom. As a part of the actor’s ritual of forming bonds with a new cast, we went to lunch together. We were all sharing stories of various productions we had worked in and some of the unusual things that can occur during any live performance. Allan who is in his twenties, and has several roles in common with me such as Curly in OKLAHOMA! and Tony in WEST SIDE STORY reminded me of a frightful experience I had during a performance of WEST SIDE STORY.

This was I think in the late eighties, the place, The Jones Beach Theatre on Long Island, NY. Now, The Jones Beach Theatre on Long Island is like no other theatre I have ever played. Originally built for the Water Olympics, it is a stage that literally floats in the Atlantic Ocean. The front row of the outdoor 8,000 seat stadium is separated by a “moat” of ocean water. Backstage, to cross from stage right to stage left, you literally step onto a water-craft and are speedboated around to the other side. At night the theatrical lights attract all types of fish including sharks… exciting stuff.

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26 Jan
Barry Williams

Kansas Anyone?

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 8 comments

‘Kansas Anyone?’

This has been a very exciting week in the world of Barry. The Greg Brady Project has officially been launched and promoted as of Tuesday. This is the culmination of 9 months of discussion, criteria, and research. Here we are. The hard part is now complete; let the dialog begin. I am changing gears in a big way next week. I closed my Off Broadway musical GROWING UP 70’s on December 30th and am preparing to head to Kansas City, Kansas to start another new musical called MARRIED ALIVE.

GROWING UP 70’s fulfilled an ambition I have had since before I was a teenager. While I have had my runs on Broadway, in PIPPIN, and ROMANCE/ROMANCE, both were take-over roles, the first for John Rubinstein and then for Scott Bakula. I always have wanted to be in on the ground floor, at the beginning, to create a new role in a new show and have a run at it. Well, with GROWING UP 70’s I was not only in on the ground floor but along with other key players such as club owner Anthony Dinapoli, and director/writer Jason Summers, I helped create, develop, write, co-produce and star in a new musical which we played right in Times Square. Anthony Dinapoli even made sure to have my name and color photo on the Marquee facing Broadway.

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23 Jan
Barry Williams

Up, Up and Away

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 2 comments

‘In Second Life, that’s me on the left’
‘In Second Life, that’s me on the left with John Jainschigg of CMP Metaverse’

Hurray, we officially launched <> yesterday with our MyLifeBrand Community. We are now live, up and running. It has been a very rewarding (and lengthy) experience taking it from concept to cyber reality. I am extremely grateful to the team of writers we have assembled, Jason Kirshner at RMS, Danny Scalisi at MyLifeBrand, Ian Kennedy at Yahoo!, Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal and especially Derrick Daye, without whom I wouldn’t be communicating with you right now.

I am also pleased with the welcome the social networking community has given me. I have had several wonderful chats regarding the launch of this project from some big players including USA TODAY, PEOPLE magazine, SECOND LIFE, (yes that’s my Avatar on the left) WASHINGTON POST, NEW YORK magazine, OK Magazine, several radio shows and popular blogs like Mashable and MicroPersuasion. There are so many possibilities ahead, so much potential and I am looking forward to the journey. I also thank you for having the interest and taking the time to check this blog out. While you are here I invite you to look around. Come back often, we share more daily.

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21 Jan
Barry Williams

Hello Second Life

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 2 comments

‘Greg or Barry?’
‘Greg or Barry?’

That’s me or both of us getting ready for a conversation in Second Life. If you can, join me today at 4:00 EST.

Just Click Here.

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20 Jan
Barry Williams

Sam, thanks for the memories

written by Barry Williams in Blog, barry | 10 comments

Sam & Alice
‘Sam at Work’

My friend Magic Matt Alan called from his Outlaw Radio Show Saturday (Magic because when he is not doing radio shows he likes to saw people in half) to get my thoughts about the passing of Allan Melvin our dear Sam the Butcher. After we got passed the usual jokes – did he ever give Alice any free meat, where did they really go on their bowling dates, will the Brady’s ever get to eat meatloaf again, we talked and shared a bit about this kind, talented character actor.

His television career goes back to the days of Sgt. Bilko with Phil Silvers. He was already a veteran by the time he joined our show in 1970 having worked in other series such as The Andy Griffith Show, Gomer Pyle USMC and The Dick Van Dyke Show. Most of the scenes Allan did were with Ann B. Davis and did not include us kids. We were usually busy in the school room. But I can recall the extra energy he brought to the set, even when I was just passing through, and the ease with which those two pros brought their relationship to life. One thing I found interesting and just recently learned is that he is the voice of Magilla Gorilla.

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