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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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Q: [by s_scobell] Mr. Williams, just listened to your new "Real Greg Brady" single, and all I can say is keep em' coming! I was wondering, though, if you ever encountered writer's block while drafting "Growing Up Brady." If you did, what did you do to fight it?(I'm writing now myself and am wondering if a fellow author has any suggestions!)

A: There is not much you can do when you experience writer’s block except not fight it. I think everyone who sits down to write a book has difficulty at some point and when I ran out of ideas or memories I tried to give myself time to let myself work it out. Good luck on your project.

Q: [by csundsbak] Barry, I have enjoyed watching you on Brady Bunch for years, you did a great job. I recently heard your remix to Eminem's "Real Slim Shady". I think you did a great job of remixing it. What ever made you remix that song? Was there anything in general?

A: First I like Eminem’s Slim Shady. The Greg Brady/Slim Shady rhyme is fairly obvious. My challenge was to distill the questions and areas of curiosity regarding me and the Brady show into 2 1/2 minutes using as many references as possible. I am delighted you like the song and I hope it brings a smile.

Q: [by SeraphAP] Do you think a new Brady Bunch-style sitcom(2 split families with 3 kids in a large house) would work in with today's standards of TV? Would it be hard to keep the "innocence" of the original Brady series in today's age, or would it be better to allow such a new show tackle more serious issues?

A: I think our show was good for the time. If a new show were to be created it would have to be more contemporary and deal with the issues that face today’s kids. Yes I think some of the innocence would be lost but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be done. One thing that hasn’t changed are those good ole Brady family values, you know "all for one and one for all". Consider writing a proposal.

Q: [by kayla_r622] In the Brady Bunch episode where Peter's voice changes, was Chris Knight's voice really changing at that time?

A: No not really that was ACTING!

Q: [by danloririchman] You know the time when you accidentally said "Eve" instead of "Jan" on the trampoline episode. Is that the biggest goof that ever made it to TV. Are there outtakes available, like maybe a video "Brady Bunch Goofs and How We Survived Them." I would definitely buy a copy.

A: I mention several Brady "goofs" in Growing Up Brady. One of the most memorable was driving to a from the Grand Canyon in one station wagon; and driving around the Grand Canyon in a different one. Oops.

Q: [by purpleladydi99] Barry, I saw there will be a special on child stars on A&E. Just wondering, what do you think of this whole child star syndrome. How did your past child stardom affect you?? I personally, think all of you BRADYS turned out really terrific!!! Thanks, Diane.

A: Everyone reacts differently to the experiences they have growing up. Ours were unusual and laden with lots of responsibility at an early age. Fortunately all of us on the Brady Bunch had healthy stable family lives and I think that helped tremendously in having us grow up successfully.

Q: [by jane_eyrehead] I'm sure you've met many stars in your lifetime. Could you name some who you found to be very interesting?

A: Favorite stars: Paul McCartney, Elton John, Robert Wagner, Paul, Steve and Greg of Smashmouth, Howie D(Back Street Boys), Coolio, Lenny Kravitz, Mark McGrath(Sugar Ray), Tom Jones(very cool), and Garth Brooks.

Q: [by leanne_good] About the Brady Bunch Kids National concert tour. Did you sing songs from your albums or other songs? Did you ever sing It's a Sunshine Day or Keep On live? Were you and Maureen the only ones to sing solos in concert? Did any of your parents come along? Was there any particular highlight of the tour for you?

A: Hi Leanne. We sang some of the songs from our Brady albums although never Sunshine Day or Keep On Keepin’ On. We did popular songs of the day and all of us had solos or duets at some point through the concert, except Chris ’cause he didn’t want one. We had our Studio teacher and two parents with us as guardians. The whole tour was a highlight. I love performing for a live audience and I am glad I get to keep on keepin’ on. Take care, Barry W

Q: [by Sbrean1] I know that Bobby Brady's REAL name was Mike. And Mike Brady's REAL first name was Robert(but practically EVERY "Robert" in America is called "Bob"). Did this "name similarity" ever cause any confusion while y'all were rehearsing? For instance, would a producer say, "Mike"……trying to get Mike Lookinland's attention….but instead, Robert Reed would turn around thinking they were calling his STAGE name(Mike Brady)?

A: Yes, although it was a complete coincidence, we did sometimes have trouble keeping all the names straight. Also: Eve was Jan, Maureen was Marcia, Susan was Cindy, Ann was Alice so we had lots of name similarities.

Q: [by bceq82aa] Hi, Barry… what was it like working with Vincent Price?? I bet he was a crack-up!

A: Vincent was a total professional. He was the first one on the set and the last one to leave. I got the feeling there is no other place he would rather be than on a soundstage. He also appeared with us on one of our Variety Show specials. He had a great sense of humor was very friendly and not nearly as scary as many of his movies.

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