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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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Q: [by fraslin] Do you follow baseball? Who do you like to win this year? Have you ever been in a Fantasy baseball league? I ask because my sister and I are both big fans of yours and in a Fantasy league this year – she could use some advice.

A: I enjoy going to games and I have been honored in several cities to sing the National Anthem. I don’t follow professional baseball very closely although I grew up playing little league and think it is a great game.

Q: [by Scaint1] Hello, Barry! My question is what do you feel has been your greatest accomplishment thus far, what do you think you are most proud of? I hope you can get some time to answer this! Take care! -John-

A: I am most proud of the number of different things I have been able to do professionally. I am thrilled to have had success as an actor, producer, writer, singer and I plan to do lots more.

Q: [by osu5587js] Hi Barry, I just wanted to know what is it like to work with kids on tours, Broadway, and tv shows?

A: Of course it depends on the kids. I have been fortunate to work with talented and disciplined kids and that makes the going much easier. If a child actor gets to full of themselves, is not focused, or takes an attitude it can be a real pain.

Q: [by michellec] During the album making years of "the bunch", did you ever find it difficult to work with Chris Knight, given his reluctance to support any part of the projects? Did you try to encourage him and help him work thru the projects? Also, what ever happened to the "ultra-distorted Greg solo numbers"(Lisa Sutton, 1993) that were recorded for the Adios Johnny Bravo episode? I read they were recorded but never released. With the reappearance of the popularity of everything Brady, where can I get my hands on these songs?

A: Some of us were more comfortable with doing music than others. Chris was not particularly confident singing and dancing but he was always professional and never "difficult" to work with. We all encouraged each other through our years together. We needed a lot of support from within our group. The music for Johnny Bravo was recorded only for the show and only part of the song was recorded, just enough for the snip you hear. I am not aware of anyplace it is being sold. A compilation of Brady tunes called Sunshine Day has been released on a CD and can be purchased in record stores and

Q: [by hapabst] This is from my daughter Courtney who is a huge fan of the show- "Did you enjoy doing episode 108 the drivers seat? It is one of my favorite episodes. Sincerely, Courtney."

A: I am sorry Courtney but that is not one of my favorite episodes. See I think I am really a much better driver than Marcia and I think most people think so too so I don’t think the episode was very believable. What do you think?

Q: [by weeziegreen2000] Why do you always wear black?

A: Because I live in New York and that’s all they sell here. Where did you get the idea I only wear black? A trip through my closet would reveal lots of greens and blues and I even have three Coogie sweaters which are about as colorful as you can get.

Q: [by BOGIRLYPNUT2000] Hello Barry, I am wondering are you a fan of Madonna?

A: I have a tremendous respect for Madonna’s ability to reinvent herself. She seems to pick a direction and then lots of people follow. I do not however have any of her CD’s in my collection.

Q: [by standardgrade] As young teenagers in the seventies, my friends and I couldn't get enough of you. You were the first "heart-throb" that didn't seem reckless or too overly self aware. Your tall frame, curly hair, and beautiful eyes and smile were enough to make us girls melt. And-in the Johnny Bravo episode-when your shirt was ripped off revealing your lean, tanned chest and perfectly-rounded nipples, it just about drove us crazy with delight. And to top it all off you were a talented and generous young man. Tell me, how did it feel as a teenager yourself to be a wholesome sex symbol?

A: Wow, thanks for the titillating description. I can assure you I never felt the same way about myself as you describe me. As a teenager I was into sports, surfing, skiing, tennis as well as music and doing our show. I enjoyed going out on dates(one girl at a time) and never gave the "Sex Symbol" thing much thought. I did find it easy to meet people and make friends and being on a TV show I’m sure didn’t hurt my chances for getting dates.

Q: [by computergrg] Hi Barry..How do you enjoy your life as a singer? Every time I watch the Brady Bunch Greg Brady reminds me of my older brother Franklin because my brother used to surf when he was 17 and so did Greg Brady..

A: I am enjoying my career now more than ever. I am delighted it includes so many different things. In the past year I have been writing, singing, doing concerts, producing, and performing in the national tour of The Sound of Music. I am grateful for everyday and plan to "Keep on Keepin’ on".

Q: [by staggs_christopher] Barry, I taped the Brady Bunch home movies when it came on tv at one time. When it got to you and they was talking about Barry Williams/Greg Brady they showed you in a recording studio singing a song. It has something about 'moment for moment' in it. Could you tell me the name of that song is and is it available on any of your albums?

A: The song is "This is the Moment" and it is from the Broadway Musical, Jekell and Hyde. I recorded it specifically for the special and it is not on my albums. Thanks for asking.

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