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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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Q: [by sttufclub] My name is also Barry. How often do you run into other Barry's(I almost never do)?

A: Barry is a relatively uncommon name. I think that’s kinda cool cause usually when you hear it the person is talking to you. I have two friends named Barry and there are a few actors who share our name. Just don’t spell it with an "e".

Q: [by jnsimane] Hello Mr. Williams, I've been a fan since I was three years old. Thanks for all the happy Brady memories. What are your professional plans after The Sound of Music Tour? Would you ever do a non-Brady TV series?

A: After finishing up such a lengthy and demanding tour I am first going to take a week in the Bahamas and get some sun, sand and drinks with umbrellas and fruit in them. I expect to be busy with my one man show, writing, and developing new projects that are too early to talk about. One of the ideas is for a new sit-com. I’ll keep you posted.

Q: [by angusoy] Hi Barry, I just got done reading "Growing up Brady", I loved it and I am a big fan. I was sort of shocked that you didn't write about Robbie Rist who played Oliver on the show. It seemed like according in your book that he had a rough time being on the show since the cast didn't like the idea of him being on there. I have spoke to Robbie a couple times and he seems like a great guy. Why the could shoulder?

A: Robbie came into a tough situation. The writers were floundering and he introduced a very different type of humor into our show. Also we had been together a long time and we didn’t really have time to adjust to a new "family member". I haven’t had much contact with him but I’m sure he is a nice guy and I certainly wish him every success.

Q: [by Sstorms] Hi Barry! My question is about Susan Olsen. Did she really have a bad lisp, or was that acting? If she did, how did she overcome that? Did she grow out of it or have speech therapy? Two of my kids have speech problems, so I was just wondering. My oldest gets made fun of because of it, which kind of reminded me of the episode when Cindy got teased! Thanks—Lisa

A: Yes, Susan’s lisp was real. Everyone thought it was cute when she was a kid but as she matured it got to be less desirable. Ultimately she had it corrected with surgery.

Q: [by Rubyeye324] Barry – do you have any pet peeves?

A: People who change lanes without signaling. Shopping carts with one bad wheel. Restaurant chairs that have uneven legs. Bad hair days. ABC gum on a hot summer sidewalk - just ripe for stepping in. People who litter. I could go on but you get the idea. Take care, Barry

Q: [by michellec] Mr. Williams, Perhaps this question will be a little more "answerable" than my last. Did you, or any of the other "kids" ever feel offended or resentful towards the writers of the BRADY BUNCH when they wrote scripts that poked fun at, and sometimes exposed the "folly" of your generation? I mean, you were part of it, and it seems like in some episodes that your characters were made to admit to supposed silliness of the "passions of the time". How did that make you feel? Joey

A: Most of the scripts dealt with the situations kids face when they are growing up. Because we were making a sitcom those situations were exaggerated to be entertaining. I didn’t feel they were making fun of the generation or time period and I was almost totally focused on doing the best job I could with the material and learning about all of the aspects of making a television show.

Q: [by Schliss1] How do they shoot characters in a duel role? What I mean in Sergeant Emma, Ann B.Davis had a dual role, and there was a scene where the viewers saw Ann B. Davis twice, as in the case in Never Too Old, in which Robert Reed and Florence Henderson had a dual role, and were shown twice, and finally in Two Peter's in Pod, Christopher Knight had a dual role, and was shown to viewers twice. My question is how do they do that?

A: When one person is on the screen as two different characters the scenes are shot twice. Once with the person on on side of the screen and then the other. Later the negatives are blended in editing to create the appearance of it happening simultaneously.

Q: [by Sstorms] Hi Barry! If you were on Survivor..what luxury item would you take..and what would be your strategy? Thanks–Lisa

A: My luxury item would be bug spray. I don’t know enough about how the strategies are formed but mine would be to win.

Q: [by TheRedOne4U] Hi Barry!! I came across an article written about you while you appeared here in Jacksonville in "Music" and it mentioned how you auditioned for Bob Fosse for your role in Pippin. I was just wondering,what was it like auditioning for and then consequently working with a legend like Bob Fosse? Was he really the perfectionist that I've always seen him portrayed as?

A: It was great to meet and audition for Bob Fosse. Yes he was a perfectionist and a tremendously creative artist. We all miss him and I am grateful for the show "Fosse" which re-enacts his best work.

Q: [by staggs-christopher] Barry, Did you or any of the cast members ever actually go into the house that was supposed to be the Brady house ? Also in the pilot episode it showed Mike,Alice and You and Peter & Bobby in a totally different house,why did they(the producers,Paramount) change houses?

A: The Brady house that you see from the outside is actually owned, coincidentally, by a friend of mine so yes I have been inside it a few times. I don’t think any of the other cast members have though. The reason we have a different house is because one was used for the pilot episode. When the series was sold to the network the set designers had to start over again with a new design that would work for the two families coming together. It would have made for a good episode but it was never written.

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