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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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Q: [by Rubyeye324] Barry, what is your favorite music video? Now, VH1 or MTV? (I prefer VH1 and my money is on that that's your favorite too.)

A: I liked Smashmouth’s video for All Star. It’s creative and I like the group alot too. Have you caught the soundtrack to Shrek? They are about to release a new album and I can’t wait. I find I spend more time watching VHI than MTV.

Q: [by jhnktr] Barry, I got to meet you a few months ago when you toured Cincinnati in "The Sound of Music." Great Job! My question is about the episode "Cincinnati Kids" filmed at Kings Island Amusement Park. Have you been back to the park in years since the filming of that show? Since I live near the park, I bet you would hardly recognize it. Ironically, it is owned by Paramount now, the studio where Brady Bunch was filmed. Any talk of a reunion or future visit there? Or is it still too much of a fishbowl? ;-) John K. – Cincinnati Ohio

A: I haven’t been back since we filmed there. I know it has grown quite a bit and I love roller coasters so I’m sure I’d have a good time. I tried to stop by earlier this year when my tour of The Sound of Music took us from Cincinnati to Cleveland but the park wasn’t open for the season yet. Maybe next time.

Q: [by angusoy] Hi Barry, I am a member of People contact me about questions about the Brady Bunch. Recently, I was contacted by someone from and VH1 and they asked me some questions about the show because they are going to do 10 Pop-Up episodes of the Brady Bunch. Have you heard about it? I'm excited!

A: Yes I have spoken with VHI about the Brady Pop Up and it should be fun.

Q: [by shane] Hi Barry, Do you plan on doing any more rappin'? I thought your song was really cool, and I'd like to hear some more rap jams from you. Thanks, -Shane

A: Thanks Shane. The Real Greg Brady was a ton of fun to put together but it is a comedy parody. It was, I think a humorous way to deal with the most often asked questions and hopefully put a smile on it all. It would be way pretentious of me to consider myself a legitimate rapper. I was mainly trying to have fun with the single.

Q: [by gregtiderington] Hi Barry, I understand that you were on the "Howard Stern Radio Show" and alot of people say that he's rude, but I tell them that it's just an act but they tell me alot of people on his show are hurt by his comments so it doesn't matter. My question to you is what do you think of him. Does he not mean to upset people and he expects them not to take him seriously and understands that he's just doing a character? Did you get along with him? I just want to know if he's a good person or a bad one.

A: My experience with Howard was excellent. I think the only people who really get hurt by him are jerks to begin with. He is a very talented and very funny guy who has done a lot for radio. He had fun goofin’ on me before I went into the studio with him but then at that point we were having a good time and trying to make the best radio possible. I think Robin is terrific too.

Q: [by freedom_fighter] Hi Barry. I was wondering if you ever appeared on any game shows in the 70's or 80's?

A: I did a Hollywood Squares(before Whoopi), a show where you drew pictures and tried to guess the phrase and a couple of sports competition shows. Those were the best.

Q: [by godzilla2031c] Hi Barry, I just wanna ask, how did it feel being in a scene with Christopher Daniel Barnes who plays Greg in "The Brady Bunch Movie"? Did you ever help him out with how to act like Greg Brady?

A: It wasn’t as totally weird as you might think. We were playing different characters. He did ask me about "Greg" and I suggested he be as natural as possible. However the direction that Betty Thomas, the director, was going with The Brady Bunch Movie was a bit farcical and over the top. I feel he kind of goofed on the character but the movie was enjoyable.

Q: [by JeLeWo] Do you mind if people ask for your autograph when they see you on the street?

A: I am flattered when people ask for my autograph. Often they will share a fondness for the Brady’s or some other project I have been involved with and they enjoyed. Most people are very polite and as long as I am not eating a mouthful of Pasta I will happily sign.

Q: [by dlwasik] Hi Barry. Just wanted to let you know that I LOVED your performance in the Sound of Music last night in Milwaukee. You were very gracious to your fans waiting for you after the performance. My question is, do you ever just want to go back to your hotel and relax after a show and skip the autograph signing? Keep up the good work. Sue :)

A: I think taking a few minutes after a show to say hi is a very important part of doing the show. People who care enough to come and see a show and then take even more time to come backstage and say hello are the reason we get to put shows on in the first place. Sometimes after working from very early in the morning doing radio and TV and personal appearances I get tired, but I never get tired of meeting the people who make it all possible.

Q: [by saleh] Dear Barry, I recently saw the Sound of Music production in Washington, D.C. I was curious as to why "Kurt" was pronounced as "Court." It struck me as odd the first time I heard it, and then other members of the cast continued to call him Court. Is there a significance to this? By the way, you don't look a day older than you did in your Johnny Bravo days. Dying to know…Darcie

A: All of the pronunciations used in The Sound of Music are accurate to the language. Kurt is pronounced "Court" just as George is pronounced "Georg". We all had to do some extra studying to keep it in mind.

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