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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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Q: [by suziestylc] Barry—What songs do you anticipate singing on tour this summer? My sister, Nancy, humbly requests "This is the Moment" from Jekyll and Hyde, lol!!! Thought we'd get in our requests early…..Happy New Year—-Suzie

A: Right now This is the Moment is on the play list along with lots of others. I can hardly wait to get started on the Tour, I know it will be a gas..

Q: [by russc] When you toured with the USO in the winter of 1986, did you enjoy the tour as much as we did at Shemya, Alaska? I've waited 16 years to ask you this question. You helped a lot of people up there get through the winter by giving up your time–you showed us that stars such as yourself are real people, too. By the way–hope you enjoyed Shemya…it sure wasn't much, but it was home to me for 13 months. Thanks a bunch. The Cain Family

A: I very much enjoyed my experience in Shemya. Of the three USO Tours I was involved with it stands out in my mind as the most memorable. Before I went out to nearly the end of the Aleutian Islands, I didn’t even know it existed. Everyone I met was very pleasant. We all enjoyed our visit, the tour of the island and doing the show. To this day I have a picture of the island from an aerial view on my wall. Take good care and don’t wait so long to write next time.

Q: [by anonymous] Hi Barry, I love the Brady Bunch and have seen the episodes so many times that I've made some observations I wanted to ask you about. When an episode called for the Bradys to be in a store or an auditorium or something like that, were the Bradys' bedrooms and family room "dressed up" to look like another site(such as a store)? Just curious. Thanks!

A: No, the rooms for the house were permanent construction. Sometimes a set would be built to represent a shop or an office. The auditorium we used was an actual auditorium on the Paramount lot. Glad you are enjoying the show.

Q: [by CrunchyTadpole] During this past Christmas I bought myself two Brady Bunch CD's. I bought the Christmas one and It's A Sunshine Day. I've fell in love with the song "Merry Go Round". I was just wondering what you thought of the song? Also, do you know where I could find the complete lyrics?

A: It’s kinda funny that you listen to "Merry Go Round" over and over sorta like a... well... Merry Go Round. I like the song just fine but I can’t help you with the lyrics. Have you tried recording it on tape and then listening to it very slowly? That sometimes helps me get the lyrics.

Q: [by MSC2001VW] Barry, I just had to tell you that I had recently seen you on THREE'S COMPANY playing David Winthorpe. I also saw how john ritter acted up being high on tranquilizers. I didn't even recognize you until the end credits were shown. You looked a lot different from your Brady Bunch days. of course people do tend to look different and change between 1974 and 1982 which when that episode was produced. Anyway, how did you get that role of David Winthorpe in the first place? I was wondering if your former BRADY BUNCH castmates got to see you in that episode and if you get to watch them in their post-brady bunch TV guest appearances. I always wondered what it's like to see a former castmate in something else after the TV show you starred with them in is canceled or outside of the TV show itself. tell me, I'm curious.

A: Well, I got the part on Three’s Company the old fashioned way - I auditioned for it. If I know one of my Bradymate’s shows are coming on I make a point of watching it. It is fun to see people and friends I know so well in different roles.

Q: [by nelsonmuntzhaha] Barry, Did you record a full version of the song that Greg sang for his "Johnny Bravo" tryout? If so, how come it was never released? Did you perform it at all in your stage shows?

A: No. Only what you hear on the show was actually recorded. It was not even a real song so I don’t perform it in concert.

Q: [by shella_wella_mcintosh] What was it like working with my fave band; SCLUB7? and if you could would you appear in their next series in London? ~*Michelle, Essex*~

A: As far as I am concerned I am their "Manager" in their shows, movies, concerts et al. I think they are a terrific group of singers and people and I hope to do more projects with them.

Q: [by Adrienne52] Does Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, Chris Knight, Eve Plumb, Michael Lookinland, Susan Olsen, Florence Henderson, Ann B. Davis, & Robbie Rist have any tattoos?

A: None that I know of. But maybe a couple of them are hiding one or two.

Q: [by SamanthaH1009762] Hi. I would just like to say I adore "The Brady Bunch". I have been watching it since I was very little(I'm fourteen). I'm just wondering, what was it like working with Davy Jones? Thanks!

A: Maureen McCormick knows more about working with Davy then cause she had all of the scenes with him. However I am planning a three month tour this Summer all over the US from Memorial Day through Labor Day with the Monkees and the Osmond Brothers. I have done two concerts with Davy and Mickey and think they are great. I am looking forward to getting started this summer and I hope you’ll have a chance to check it out. Watch the Website for info.

Q: [by tinasclubrox] Yo Barry! Greetings from the rather cold land of England! How are ya? Well my question is really based around your appearance in Hollywood7 oe SClub7 In Hollywood. How did you get the part? and Was it fun playing the luuvly clubber's manager? I loved the eps and keep watching them over and over(YES I am a MAD SClub fan hehe) and another question is : If all the people from SClub's previous episodes(La & Miami) got re united in their next series filmed in London, what do you reckon it would be like? Cheers mate and carry on "bustin a shape!" 'Chelle, Essex, England :-)

A: The producers thought it was a perfect fit for me to play S Club’s manager. I had a great time with them over the Summer. I know they are about to start a 15 city concert the UK, I imagine you’ll be attending. Hopefully they will go ahead with a feature motion picture and all of the casts can unite.

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