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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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Q: [by CarolynMJ1977] I just wanted to ask you about your son. Your book states that you at a young age KNEW you wanted to be an actor. Your son is about 4 years old now. Is he showing any signs of that same early yearning to go for show business? Are you going to let your child try to be a child actor if he wants too? Carolyn "Carrie"

A: When my son expresses interests in various careers such as singing, acting, flying, tennis, rock climbing etc., I let him know I will support and encourage him to be anything he wants. right after college.

Q: [by madisonleetaylor] Most child actors usually resent being typecast in the role they made famous. You however, seem to have made it work in your professional career. How difficult was it for you at first to accept the fact that people would see yu as "Greg Brady" first and Barry Williams second?

A: Very difficult and it occurred over a long period of time. The reason typecasting is problematic is that it can limit which roles you are considered for. I have always been proud of the Brady years but as an actor I wanted to play a wide variety or characters. I found that outlet initially in musical theatre. I have appeared in over 75 different productions, in all types of venues from Broadway to summer stock. That also gave me credibility within the business that playing a teenager in a sitcom could not. So as I gained experience and enjoyed employability, I became at peace with the public knowing me primarily as “Greg.”

Q: [by bunnye124] Do you have a pet cat or a pet dog?

A: I grew up with both cats and dogs. I had a couple of Himalayan cats in the 90’s. I travel too much to have either right now but I do keep up with my two goldfish.

Q: [by jujubear65] I checked out the first four Harry Potter movies from the library a week ago, as I'd never seen any of them. I watched the 4th one today, before heading out to the theatre to see the new one. I happened to see a Barry Williams listed in the credits in doing one of the artworks. Would that have been you? Julie

A: Same name/different guy. I heard there is another ‘Barry Williams’ working at a Walmart here in the states too.

Q: [by ssjsanfd] I agree with your answer to the fan who asked what your favorite car used in the BB was–the Plymouth Barracuda convertible hands down. (Dodge's answer to the car was the Challenger). I know the red Caprice was a '74, since the '73 had different taillights. But my two questions are, 1) did the black '56 Chevy in the episode where Greg buys his 1st car actually run, and 2) what exactly is a "makeshift model T-A" (from "Keep On")? Thank you for taking the time to answer these.

A: The ’56 Chevy did run, but kinda rough. I didn’t get to drive it. A makeshift Model T-A is a souped up Ford Model T.

Q: [by prhirang37] Hey Barry, I was just wondering what part of the 1970's you like the most? The early part of the decade during the time of the show? The middle part of the start of the disco era? Or the later part when disco was in it's prime?

A: The middle part. The show was winding up, I was spreading my wings, got my own house, a Porsche, and I was ready to Disco.

Q: [by kriscat67] Be honest are you still happy about still being in the limelight after all these years? Are there days when you wish you were a different person and what would you have done with your life? Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the bradys and still watch reruns from time to time. I just wonder what some actors do when they say enough.

A: If I ever tire of the gift I have been given or ungrateful for all of the great good luck I enjoy, I am going to get out of the business and move somewhere remote. I love what I do and consider it a success that after all these years I get to continue to do what I enjoy and get to make a living doing it. Just in the last month alone I have been able to visit your home state of WI twice. With the Original Idols Live in Waukesha, and last week in Kenosha as Grand Marshall of the Fourth of July parade. Makin’ friends and visiting new places, I love it.

Q: [by genuinecap] Hi Barry. How long did it take to tape one episode of the Brady Bunch?

A: We had several different filming schedules over the years but basically, it took between four and five days per episode.

Q: [by sactoman4u] Curious if you were in contact with Maureen during her stint on "Celebrity Fit Club," what she said about the experience, and if you've had a chance to see her since her successful program.

A: Yes, yes and yes. She is understandably proud of winning the competition on Celebrity Fit Club. She worked hard, needed to lose the weight and I think it helped her self esteem. She has been struggling with some family issues which now seem to be working out for the better. I am sure she appreciates your support.

Q: [by CarolynMJ1977] Hi Barry – In a previous question answered you mentioned that you do your show from home. Now, I don't get to listen to your show because I don't have sirus…but do you have guests come to your home and do the show?? DO you take live calls?? For those of us who know NOTHING of your show – can you describe it??

A: The Super Sounds of Totally Seventies on Sirius, it’s The Barry Williams Show. I am a DJ for the program Totally Seventies six days a week and four hours a day on Sirius Channel 7. The show is on everywhere a satellite can reach and airs Sunday through Friday from 2pm – 6pm EST. I record my show from wherever I am in the world. At home or in St. Martaan. I record it on my computer and then upload it to NY each day. I play all of the great music and hits of the seventies. Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel, Eagles, James Taylor, Pop, Rock, Soul, Rhythm and Blues and Disco. Once you go satellite you won’t go back. Occasionally I have guests but do not take live calls.

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