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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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Q: [by chikarl] Hi Barry, I saw you show at the Filmore and had a great time. My question is about the song To Love Somebody on you last album. Why did you pick the song are you fan of early Bee Gees material? Thanks for taking time to answer Karl

A: Yes I am a fan of all the Bee Gees material. That song in particular fit the type of song for the CD I was trying to create which borrowed heavily from the music I grew up with and had special meaning for me.

Q: [by chinadoll23us] Hi Barry! Since you are a talented entertainer I was curious if you saw the tv show "American Idol" and if you have do you think the one judge Simon is too harsh with his opinions on the talents of these people auditioning?

A: Haven’t seen American Idol yet, but I’ll check it out. As far as being too harsh, I think these contestants know what the style of the show is and who the "judges" are and should expect to get dissed. It’s similar to going on The Weakest Link with Anne Robinson and not expecting her to get the upper hand.

Q: [by thetumblindice] Barry, I read your book and enjoyed it very much. One question I don't recall getting an answer to in the book(though its been some time) is if the cast of the Brady's are fully supported by royalties from the re-runs. In other words, do any of you guys NEED to work or do you do it just for the pleasure of getting out there and meeting fans? Mark

A: The Brady franchise has been very good for all of us. There have been several incarnations of our show including specials and other series which we continue to get paid royalties for. Unless the original show plays on premium cable networks we do not make royalty monies on the first series. That contract was signed before the residual laws changed. An interesting side note. I received more money for doing "A Very Brady Christmas" in 1988 than I made in all five years combined of our first series.

Q: [by JAZZ4JEFF] Barry- Can you tell us what has it been like to tour this summer with the Monkees?. Are the guys fun to be with? Have you had any fan experiences on this tour you'd like to share? Jeff Gehringer, Los Alamitos, Calif.

A: I have been having a great time on tour with Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones. We have been traveling all over the country and just finished playing the House of Blues in Los Angeles and the Fillmore in San Francisco. One of the really nice things is the fact that Mickey and Davy get along so well. While at the House of Blues I popped up onstage and surprised Davy by joining him on the song he performed on The Brady Bunch, "Girl."

Q: [by kagryphon] Did you ever record a soundtrack album of "Pippin"? If so, how does a person get a copy?

A: Thanks for asking but no recorded soundtrack. I have sung the music from Pippin thousands of times but only live.

Q: [by thardie] Barry, What is it like to see the Brady Bunch still being watched by today's youngest generation and generations to come?

A: As you may know, even by television standards, the Brady Bunch has enjoyed a phenomenal run. I am very proud to be a part of it and think it’s great that the popularity is now multi-generational. I get to experience it first hand when I am performing live or making personal appearances. Sometimes Mom’s get autographs for their kids and sometimes kids get autographs for their Mom’s. I was a little taken aback last week when a very nice twelve year old girl wanted my autograph... for her grandmother!

Q: [by janlugenbuhl] My query is more on the personal side, but do you consider yourself a spiritual or religious person? Do you believe in a Supreme Being or Infinite Power? Do you feel that your life has gone pretty much as planned by Higher Design? OR, do you give any thought to such things? Jan

A: Yes, I am a spiritual person. I think it is very evident in everything we do. I am very grateful for the time I have here and all of the choices we have been given. I believe the choices we make determine the path we take.

Q: [by jacksthegame] Dear Barry— What is your favorite song that you sing while on tour? Also, when will you release a follow up to Johnny Bravo? Thanks Barry!

A: Johnny’s Back is fun to perform with the jacket and the shades. Also The Real Greg Brady is a gas. I guess my favorite song to sing is This Is the Moment. It is powerful, dramatic, melodic and always a challenge.

Q: [by jacksthegame] Dear Barry, There were many guest stars on the Brady Bunch, I was wondering who was your favorite?

A: Don Drysdale. Growing up in Los Angeles as a Dodger fan and the fact that the episode in which he appeared revolved around me made him my favorite guest.

Q: [by t3armageddon73] Barry, Did you get a chance to see the "Brady Bunch" episode of The X-Files? Did you know that X-Files creator Chris Carter is a fan of the Brady Bunch?

A: I have not seen it but heard it was very surreal. I have a friend who taped it and I am anxious to get a look.

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