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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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Q: [by ramonaquimby] I just saw a documentary on on VH1 of the making of the Peter Gabriel "Barry Williams" video in which you are prominently featured . It's great to see all the stuff that didn't make the video! Have you seen this documentary and do you know if it will air again any time soon?

A: I have not seen the VH1 video but I had a great time with Peter Gabriel and Sean Penn making "The Barry Williams Show." As you know we taped a great deal more than made it to the final edit. I am not familiar with VH1’s airing schedules.

Q: [by dustyj86] Have you been to Kings Island since you taped an episode back in 1973? I am a VERY big fan of both kings island and the Brady bunch, which you have probably heard at lest a few million times, but I'm getting off track. Have you been to Kings Island recently? Will you be returning any time in 2003? –thanks for your precious time!! -Dustin mg Jackso

A: Funny you should ask. This Summer I toured all over the country with Davy Jones and Mickey Dolenz and one of the stops was the great amphitheatre at King’s Island. It is the first time I have visited since filming our Brady episode there and has it ever developed. I took the afternoon to try the new rides and roller coasters and had a great time. I plan to stop by every time I am in the area which I hope is often.

Q: [by iluvtosing920] Did you write that "clowns never laughed before" song and what do you think about it looking back? P.S. YOu're really cute!

A: Yes, along with LLoyd Schwartz I did write that song. I don’t brag about it but I do admit it. I think the same thing about that song now as when we wrote it.... very silly.

Q: [by Vance714] Dear Mr. Williams, Hello there! How hvae you been kind sir? I hope is suiting you as beautifully as your personality exudes. I have you to thank for an awesome summer concert experience at the Meadowlands- you are a charming performer that guininely bonds with his audience- my praise. That concert was about 3 years ago and I still remember well your performance of 'Here Again' especially. I won't soon forget it, either. It is obviously my favorite song on your glorious album. After all of my babbling, my question is: what attracted you to that song? I know that your other favorites respresented a certain time and was curious as to what attracted you to this song, being one of the two newly written songs on the album. I can't thank you enough for all of your dedication. I send you all good tidings. Love, Aimee

A: Thanks Aimee for the nice compliments. Here Again to me is a song about hope and overcoming obstacles. It is a positive message that I think is very appropriate for our times.

Q: [by buckralphie] Are you the Barry Williams that does the voice for Periwinkle on Blue's Clues?

A: I do not provide the voice for Periwinkle. Is there another Barry Williams besides the one Peter Gabriel sings about?

Q: [by bmeyer_] I have watched the Brady Bunch since I was kid and can quote just about every episode. I was wondering did you ever think that the Brady Bunch was going to be the big phenomenon that it is today?

A: The nature of television has changed so radically there is no way we could have known the Brady Bunch would continue to thrive in syndication. When we filmed our show originally, there were basically three networks. Now there are hundreds of stations and whole networks devoted to niche programming and shows like ours. I am very pleased that networks such as TV Land continue to attract new viewers to our show, some who don’t realize we filmed our show in the 70’s!

Q: [by Vance714] Hello There! How are you? I know you have been busy with the tour,but I was wondering if you have discovered any good films, books, actors, or musicians lately? Thanks oh so much for your time. I send my best to you. Love, Aimee

A: Thanks Aimee for writing. I have been so busy with Fear Factor, Boot Camp and getting ready for the next Celebrity Boxing,I haven’t been reading much other than newspapers and magazines. I did have a chance to go and see Austin Powers Gold Member and had a few good laughs.

Q: [by Cyoungblood07] Did you really have to pay Pen on Fear Factor? What a jerk he is! You deserved to win! By far the best sport!

A: Yes I really had to pay him in cold hard cash. Keep in mind you are watching the Penn "Persona" which is partly an act and how he wants to be known. In person he is far more annoying.

Q: [by Karlakaye11] Hi Barry! What inspired you to reinvent yourself as "Johnny Bravo" so many years after the original episode?

A: For a long time I wanted to make a CD which reflected my early taste in music - the songs I grew up with. I thought Johnny Bravo was a humorous way to tie in the Brady image and who I am.

Q: [by hopsing1032] Hi Barry, I saw a promo about Celebrity Boot Camp and saw that you're one of the participants. If you compare the stunts you did on Fear Factor with what you had to go through on Celebrity Boot Camp, which was the most challenging?

A: Boot Camp was the most challenging week I have ever done. It lasted a lot longer and we were constantly challenging our limitations. I enjoyed doing Fear Factor even though some of the stunts were scary.

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