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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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A: Can’t say I have. But I’ll bet we share some of the same stories. When people ask if you played "Greg" what do you tell them?

Q: [by sgolla26] I want to know when your movie "Growing Up Brady…"

A: will be released on video here in the United States.I appreciate the interest but Paramount Studios has not determined when or even if it will be on video or DVD. I will be sure and post it to the website if it happens.

Q: [by ErinSmith28] I was wondering, did you sing with N SYNC? If you did, what was it like? What is it like to sing in front of people?

A: Nothing is more exhilarating than singing live in front of a stadium full of people. The energy is awesome. While I have performed on the bill with many of today’s pop stars NSYNC is not one of them. I would love to have the chance.

Q: [by awesome_33] Hi Barry! Do you ever wonder if you would of been as big a Celebrity as you are now had you had chosen a career on the big screen over Television?

A: No I never wonder about it, I am sure I would have been just as big! Seriously we have this journey called life. I take it where it goes and make the absolute most out of it I can. There is no since wondering the "what if" routine because who knows? I am very fortunate to have included so many things in my career. I have been in movies, TV, radio, a writer, producer, on Broadway, a singer, recorded albums, cartoon shows, so feel very blessed.

Q: [by brnsrh7] Hi Barry, are u Jewish? U look a lot like my husband from Queens NY who's Jewish. You are HOT!!

A: Well thank you. No, I am not Jewish but I am the Jewish looking one on the show.

Q: [by shihtzu1220] Hi Barry, I have a question that I don't think has been asked . What is Allan Melvin up to these days ?

A: You’re right it has not been asked but unfortunately I can’t answer it. Fans? Anyone know what Allan is up to?

Q: [by ErinSmith28] Hi, I was wondering do you like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, and have you seen the movies?

A: I saw the first movie and thought it was terrific. Now that I have a DVD player at home I am going to watch the sequel. There is always room for some magic.

Q: [by bwood] Is there a part of fame that the ordinary person who is not famous does not know about? And, do you get special treatment when you go to restaurants?

A: One thing I don’t believe people take into consideration is that famous people have "off" days too. Sometimes a celebrity may be experiencing a problem and at that moment is interrupted by a fan. It can be difficult to give full objective attention to a fan just then, but to that person the sum total of their impression is from that one brief encounter. I try to leave few bad impressions. Restaurants love to have people who are "known" and invariably give them special treatment.

Q: [by rabbitlaz] Hi Barry! That happens to be my first name as well. I am a guitar player, and I enjoyed the few episodes of The Brady Bunch, in which you played the guitar. When did you start playing, were you self-taught, and do you still play today?

A: Basically I am a self taught player. I started playing when I was eleven, a few years before the Brady’s became a family. I think it is a wonderful instrument and continue to play - especially around the camp fire.

Q: [by EJFX] You were on my radio station this morning, what did you say was your most embarrassing concert?

A: I had high expectations for The DeFranco Family and Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods which did not meet my idea.

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