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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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Q: [by Cas82958] Hi Barry If You Look At The Brady Bunch Credits Bill E. Garst(Jan's Boyriend on Miss. Popularlarity) Was The Fim Editor Did You Know About This?

A: No, I didn’t and thanks for the bit of trivia.

Q: [by sbenty] Hi Barry: My brother and I were just watching the episode "Peter and the Wolf" where Greg slaps on the fake moustache on Peter and goes on the blind double date. We agreed that this had to be the funniest episode of them all. Can you guys recall breaking up and laughing during the filming of this episode or anything? Chris Knight's daft behaviour and your reactions trying to cope were simply hilarious. Do you have any recollections about this episode in particular? Do other people tell you that this was their favorite episode?

A: Yes, often I have been told that this episode was a favorite. We thoroughly enjoyed filming it. Most of the fun we had during the shoot was the rehearsal process where we were bringing the episodes up to speed. Often we would break up but once we had it tuned it was serious comedy.

Q: [by Pupsbskats] What new movies and tv shows are you coming out with soon??? Thanks for asking.

A: Dickie Roberts - Former Child Star Sept. 5 Hollywood Squares the whole week of Sept. 8 Las Vegas Sept. 26 at the Sun Coast Brady’s Back In Hawaii this January. By the way I only know one Carise. She is very special. Are you her?

Q: [by doug.martin3] Hey Barry, Just read your book..i really got a kick out of it.My question is did you keep any props from the set? If yes what are they? Thanx all the best. Doug.

A: I have a ton of photos, most of which I shared in my book Growing Up Brady. The one prop I kept is the Tiki Idol from our Hawaiian episodes. It brings me good luck now.

Q: [by lil_lady_A] Hi Mr.Williams!! I was reading a biography on the brady bunch called 'Bradymania!'! In the book, they had interviewed Susan Olsen and asked her how she related to Cindy! Susan said they looked quite alike but she said that she had nothing in common(she had said that she never tattletaled on others, etc.) with her character and she would have probably egged Cindy's locker instead! She also said that she was more of a tomboy! Out of curosity was that true, that she was kind of a tomboy? Did she show that she was a tomboy? If so what did she do? Thanx!

A: Yes, she was a tom-boy. In my own book, Growing Up Brady, I quote Susan as saying she felt more like the "anti-Cindy" than her character. She also has the keenest memories of that period of her life and can recall stories with impressive detail. That is also why I hired her as a consultant for the TV Movie based on my book.

Q: [by mcknighsara] Dear Barry, I was wondering what your take is on shows like the Osbournes? Do you watch it?

A: They have set the bar for reality shows. I think it is an enjoyable show. Of course the networks come by and kill my appetite for these types of programs by massively reproducing them.

Q: [by richarddawsonf] Hey! ur like one of the best star ever!!!!! have u ever seen the movie K-9 staring James Blushi? and have u ever meet James Blushi?( I think I said that right! LOL!) I am only 13, but love the Brady Bunch!!!! We'll have a nice day Barry! and P.S "Keep On Loving The Brady Bunch!"

A: Hey, thanks for writing. Sure I have seen K-9 and I think it’s great. So far I haven’t met James but I think he is a terrific actor plus I understand he is touring with Dan Aykroyd singing up a storm.

Q: [by cassman6120] Hi Barry, Being the father of a 3 year old I've been watching alot of Brady episodes. As a musician I became curious as to who wrote and did the session work on the musical episodes?

A: We had various writers for the music but the sessions were produced by Jackie Mills. Our musicians were professional session studio musicians and most of the back up vocals were with the Baylor brothers and Jackie Ward.

Q: [by sillwink] It's so cool to see your web postings! I've read your previously answered questions and didn't really see one exactly like what I'm going to ask, so I hope I didn't miss it somewhere. Are your parents from out of the country? I teach children whose families come from other countries and language backgrounds and I always like to know of famous successful people of other language backgrounds who I can point out to the students. Thanks–Beth

A: My father was born in Canada and came to the US when he was two years old. My mother was born in Long Beach, California.

Q: [by songerjennifer] I took my 8 year old daughter Abigail to see Sound of Music when it came to town, which happened to star you. She absolutely loved it and thought it was great that you were also Greg Brady. Will you be touring in any other shows in the near future?

A: Over the past many years I have toured and performed in over sixty different productions. I did National Tours of Pippin, The Music Man, and City of Angels. I do not currently have a new production scheduled. My efforts are going into my Las Vegas Show which I will debut Friday, September 26th at the Sun Coast Resort Casino.

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