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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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Q: [by janskelton2003] Do you think there will ever be another Brady Bunch reunion? I would really like to see one as they had in the past. Maybe you and Nora could have another kid besides Kevin.

A: "The Brady’s Back in Hawaii" will air on the Travel channel in January. It is a two hour unscripted special with Florence Henderson, Susan Olsen, Christopher Knight, Michael Lookinland and me. We are not playing characters but are ourselves retracing the steps and more from the Brady Hawaiian episodes. Don’t know about a Brady reunion though.

Q: [by emma_all_the_way] Hey Barry!!! I read somewhere that you are a certified scuba diver. I was curious to know if you have ever been swimming in Australian waters? We have some amazing beaches :). Have you been to Australia at all? Love always, Emma.

A: I am certified and yes I did go diving off the Barrier Reef near Cairns. Most exciting news is I am coming back. I am going to spend the month of March 2004 touring Australia with my new show "Barry Williams The Real Greg Brady Live in Concert with Special Guest Star Pop Icon Johnny Bravo". Watch there website for details and dates and venues etc.

Q: [by greentrain] Barry, Do you really like coming to Buffalo, NY in November for the World's Largest Disco Party.

A: Yes, I love coming a celebrating that weekend with my friends in Buffalo. Also the charity, Camp Good Times, is very worthwhile. This year I have been invited to perform as well so I will be doing more than just signing autographs and taking pictures. Hope to see you there.

Q: [by lil_lady_A] Hi Mr Williams!!! I only just watched Growing Up Brady and I was wondering whether in the scene with all the actors gathered around the table and singing the Brady Bunch theme songs but the words were changed. Did you guys really make that up or did you just add it into the movie?

A: Through the years we have improvised or rewritten the lyrics to the theme song for various events. That particular scene was added as a combination of occasions.

Q: [by rayj897] Hi Barry, I enjoyed watching the Brandy Bunch as a child and now I am enjoying watching reruns with my own children. I guess your son Brandon is about 9 or 10 months old now? How's it feel to be a new Dad & do you hope for your son to enter show biz someday? Do you and your wife plan on anymore children?

A: Brandon just turned 9 months old. My wife and I have decided he can be whatever he wants to be.... right after college. Don’t yet know about more little ones, but stay tuned.

Q: [by cogitolateral] Back in the 70's I remember seeing a televised broadcast from the Hollywood Bowl. It featured "The Brady Kids," Johnny Whitiaker, Jack Wild, and several of the Krofft characters. The show began while the sun was up and it was easy to tell that it was at night when it ended. Did you do two shows that day, or was it just a very long show that was edited for the broadcast. Also, I seem to remember catching a glimpse of Robert Reed and Ann B. Davis in the audience. They must've been very supportive when the six of you went out on stage as a singing group. Was it a fun concert to do?

A: Playing the Hollywood Bowl is about the most exhilarating thing you can do. It was a very exciting day. It started in the late afternoon and went into the evening. One show.

Q: [by mbenty] Dear Barry, I am seven years old and have just finished watching about 75 episodes of the Brady Bunch this summer. I have a question about your wardrobe: Who decided which clothes you wore on the show and how often did you wear that blue T-shirt with the dark blue trim? Mackenzie Benty

A: We had wardrobe supervisors for the men and the women. Each year, just like your Mom probably does for your school year, they would go out and shop for each season’s wardrobe. I accompanied Tom(our costumer) often so I had some say in what I would be wearing throughout the year. Sometimes I brought my personal wardrobe in. The leather jacket with fringe we used in a recording studio for instance, or the moccasins I wore in "My Son the Man". The dark blue striped shirt was worn over the course of one season’s episodes.

Q: [by rockonb2] I read that Christopher Knight was your best man. You guys must have forged a really close frienship through the years…do you still keep in touch with him? Fish

A: We all keep in touch with one another. Last week we spent five days at Walt Disney World helping them launch two new attractions, "philharmagic" and "Mission Space". Two months ago we spent a week in Honolulu taping an unscripted two hour special for the Travel channel called "The Brady’s Back in Hawaii". Beyond professional circumstances we see each other socially, though usually not all at the same time. I am very grateful for the genuine friendships that we have enjoyed since we first met.

Q: [by mcknighsara] Hi Barry, Were you ever able to meet the Beatles. I have met Paul McCartney.

A: It was one of the biggest thrills of my life.

Q: [by kthibeault] Barry, I'm curious to know if there is one Brady episode in particular in which you are very proud of your work? Was there one that was very challenging for you at the time that still sticks out in your mind?

A: I was very proud of the work I did in the episode where Greg shoots photos of the football team and has the picture showing a player’s foot out of bounds. I also thought Chris Knight and I turned in some pretty good work in Cyrano de Brady.But my favorite episode remains Adios Johnny Bravo.

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