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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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Q: [by dandjgoldsmith] In the episode "A Camping We Will Go", what is the name of the lake the Brady's are camping at and where is it located?

A: That was filmed at the Franklin Canyon Reservoir, a frequent location for TV and features, and it is conveniently located in Los Angeles.

Q: [by chikarl] Hello Barry, I have a few questions about your upcoming live shows. How long is your set and what songs are you planning on performing? I saw you a few years back when you were opening for the Monkees at the Fillmore in San Francisco and was really impressed by your live performance. I have been listening to your new CD ever since. Do you have any plans on a new CD? I personally would be interested in a live one from you upcoming shows.

A: I do a variety of songs in the show including; Cry, Corner of the Sky, Happy Together, and of course The Real Greg Brady. The full show runs about 70 minutes. I have a great time doing it. I like the idea of a "live" CD, I’ll look into it.

Q: [by jeniusgirl57] Hi Barry! What do you think of U2?

A: Current Kings of rock.

Q: [by channelmansk] In Jan, the Only Child I noticed on the License plates reveal California and what stadium is used in Mail Order Hero and where is the outside of the Italian restaurant in Peter and the Wolf?

A: Boy you are as good as Sherlock Holmes. I don’t know where the Italian Restaurant is. It seems to me we were on the set.

Q: [by Liddle10] Hi Barry, When I was very young I got the chance to go to a Brady Concert which was held in Greenville S.C. 1973. I have the Brady autographed concert picture that I bought at the concert. It is in it's original folder. This has always been my childhood keepsake. Do You remember this concert or picture? Did the Brady's give a lot of concerts?

A: Sure I remember that concert. It was the first big national tour we did together. We toured for a couple of years during filming breaks and after that it was more one nighters. I enjoyed our time on the road performing in concert.

Q: [by sp9905] What is a day in the life of Barry Williams like? Run through your day for us! :)

A: Take care of my son, do my Sirius radio show, errands and business in the afternoon, come back for more time with my son. Dinner, bath, songs and reading with him and good night.

Q: [by rhonda_ingalsbe] Hello Barry. When you started filming The Brady Bunch, did you, or anyone, think that it would turn into what it has today? Did you even hope, as a child, that it would make you a super star? Thanks and have a great day :)

A: Television has changed so much since we did our show it would have been impossible to predict its longevity. I always enjoyed the work and process of making the shows and didn’t give much thought to how it might change my personal life.

Q: [by sgutht] Does Barry remember performing with the Brady Bunch at the Hollywood Bowl with HR Puffinstuff? I remember it from around the early 1970's. Were they really singing? or lip synching?

A: Yes and yes we were really singing. That is an excerpt of our full touring show. For the Bowl we edited it down to share time with Pufnstuff. It was a blast.

Q: [by sidthedog] You seem like a well-read man, what is your favorite book? Boxers or briefs? Linguini or vermicelli? Red or white wine? Wood or steel? Yes or no? Country or city? Half full or half empty? Light or dark? Milk or cream? Pine or ash? Cold or warm? Feet or computers? Honey or sugar? or do you prefer sweet n' low, or some other sugar substitute? Thank you

A: The Little Engine That Could, Boxers, Linguini, Red Wine, Wood, Yes, City, Half full, Light, Milk, Ash, Feet, Honey - Your welcome.

Q: [by letello723] Hey Barry! What are your comments regarding The Brady Bunch season 1 DVD set? Do you like the features…presentation, etc… Do you think there will be bloopers on the next Brady Bunch releases? Thanks!

A: I enjoyed doing commentary for the DVD with Christopher Knight and Susan Olsen. It is great to see the shows on DVD with true color, full length and not speeded up. I believe season two will be released later this year.

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