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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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Q: [by smackdown138] What is it like working for Sirius Satellite Radio and what is your all time fave song to play on the air?

A: I love doing Totally 70’sw for Sirius. I play the music I grew up with and the songs I love to sing along with. Favorites? It’s a long list. Billy Joel, Elton John, McCartney, Eagles, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac you get the idea.

Q: [by sck869] Hi Barry. I want to thank you for doing commentary along with Chris and Susan on those 2 Brady episodes. You guys are hysterical together and really make that dvd so enjoyable. Can you give the details on how they decide what to ask you to do? Did they ask any other Brady's? I would love to hear from Ann and Flo. Any tips for extras on season 2? Thanks again.

A: The three of us sat in front of microphones, watched the episodes and discussed it. It was very spontaneous and a ton of fun to do. We also do commentary on Season two.

Q: [by seits99] Did I just see you doing a Crestor ad?…was flipping through the channels, and caught the last few seconds…..thanks much!

A: Looked like me, sounded like me but it isn’t me. Thanks for asking though.

Q: [by brady_bunch_fanatic_6974] Is it true that you guys had a script for Still Brady After All These Years?

A: Yes, we had a “script,” but no one paid any attention to it. What you saw is who we are.

Q: [by Jrd43113] Barry, I know you have been asked before, but I was wondering, when the show was filmed at Kings Island in Cincinnati Ohio, what was it like to have everyone seeing the Brady Bunch at the park and while you were riding Rides? How long were you there filming? Thanks for your time! JR

A: Crazy. We were like another ride at the park. But we had fun while we were there. Chris Knight and I got to take a hot air balloon ride out of King’s Island and crashed onto a farmer’s field about 4 miles away. It was way cool.

Q: [by mr.musicman] Hi Narry love your website, I am such a huge fan of Ann B Davis, she seems like the kind of lady who would give me a hug if I wanted to hug her.

A: She is just as nice off the screen as on. She is a very loving person and I am sure she would give you a great big hug is you two met. On filming days she is very professional and hard working. She enjoys life and currently lives in San Antonio, TX.

Q: [by brady_bunch_fanatic_6974] When you are hosting Sirius Satellite Radio, do you play any of the Brady Kids songs you guys recorded? If so, which ones do you play?

A: Yes, I do on occasion. Mostly "Sunshine Day" and sometimes "Keep On Keep On" I have to be careful of what I play from our recording days as the Brady Bunch Kids. Some of the recordings can turn into a JUKEBOX FROM HELL!!

Q: [by OHIOSPOWER] Hi Barry, I was wondering who your favorite guitarists are? Also, do you like Christian Rock bands like Stryper? THX, Gary

A: Mark Knopfler, James Taylor, Eric Clapton. I like good music period.

Q: [by pamloftis11] Remember the Brady Bunch episode where you made your hair orange? Was that real and did you have to wear it like that for long? I know it was corrected by the end of the show but I didn't know if there were wigs involved or what. Great episode! Thanks! Pam

A: You know, it’s Show Business. Yes, when my hair appeared to be totally orange it was a wig. What is also significant about that episode is the fact that Robert Reed refused to appear in it (too unrealistic) and it was the last episode we filmed of the original series.

Q: [by hydroman242] This is ancient history by now Barry, but I had just purchased Peter Gabriels video compilation. I watched "The Barry Williams Show" video for the first time. I was humored by seeing you appear in the audience, obviously you have sense of humor to go along with making a cameo appearance. Just out of curiosity, you appear apprehensive and disturbed sitting down while everyone else is caught up in the excitement of the "Jerry Springer" freak show. Was that done on purpose?

A: You have given me the ultimate compliment. Yes, I looked apprehensive but that was very much a part of the “freak show” I was descending into as Sean Penn, who directed the video, had established. By the way I do not consider two years “ancient history”. Thanks for asking.

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