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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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Q: [by sandauer] I remember you and the other members of the Brady Bunch being in those teen mags, i.e., Tiger Beat, 16, Flip, etc. Did they come to the set to interview you? Did you ever get tired of posing for pics and/or answering those silly questions like what your fave color was? Do you still own any of those magazines?

A: I always felt those magazines were a kind of a game. Most of the people who worked on them were very pleasant and being in them was a part of my job. The questions were silly but silly, as they say, is what sells. I do have a drawer with memorabilia which includes some of those magazines. By the way my favorite color is BLUE.

Q: [by pattiahagadorn] Are there any rolls you were offered and turned down, and now think differently?

A: No, but there are a couple I wish I had gotten. One was a movie with Steve McQueen and another with Lee J. Cobb.

Q: [by sheamartin01] Hey Barry….Hope your summer is going well..Just wondering if you are going to put together another winter tour of the Christmas Carol?

A: Not planning another tour of A Christmas Carol for this year. Maybe next year. Thanks for asking.

Q: [by Pdoc040761a] Dear Mr. Williams: I'm a 44 Male who like most kids grew up watching the show. And still will catch an episode every once in a while. Never the less. a few years ago you admitted getting high on grass.(NOT JUDGING I did too)But in today's "P-C" World. What made you be so candid about it? Where you worried about the fall-out? No Matter what the answer you have my respect. Stay Well P.Allen

A: When you say a “few years ago” you mean 1991. It was actually through my book I made those admissions and I felt I had an obligation to be candid in taking on the writing project – or not do it. There hasn’t been much negative fall-out and for some I became a more three dimensional person.

Q: [by bunnye124] Barry, Have you been in a commercial?

A: Sure. I am in an infomercial right now for Time Life, “70’s Music Explosion”. When I first started in the business I did over two dozen commercials including Milky Way, Mattel Toys, and for Sears.

Q: [by JosieCashew] I know you've done a lot of stage work. Have you ever been in a production of "Annie?"

A: I have performed in over 65 different musical productions but never been in Annie. There is still time.

Q: [by scottssummation] Hi Barry. I was wondering if the various Brady girl "fill-ins" (i.e. Jennifer Runyon as Cindy in "Very Brady Christmas") had any contact with the person they were filling in for prior to filming, to assist in playing that character? Such as, in the example of Jennifer Runyon, I was wondering if she contacted Susan Olsen for any input on what it was like to work with the rest of the cast and to get some pointers on playing the role of Cindy, and so forth. And if the person that filled in as Jan in the Variety Hour show did the same with Eve Plumb, as well as the person that filled in for Maureen.

A: To the best of my knowledge, no. Most of the actresses met each other after filming , but I don’t believe they consulted before.

Q: [by cdefom] Hi, How often do you talk with the other members? I did see your reunion in September of 2004 but, the one person that was not there was Robbie Rist who played Oliver. I have seen his picture on the internet. Do you ever hear from him?

A: We speak fairly often, I would say monthly. Robbie was with us on the Celebrity Weakest Link we did a couple of years ago and that is the last time I saw him.

Q: [by whmisplus] I can remember way back when, there was a show called Battle of the Network stars and the Brady Bunch kids were a team. I remember that you did really when in the swimming events. What I do not remember is how the competition ended. What place did the Brady team finish? Thanks, I really loved the Brady Bunch.

A: We finished second. I have been a swimmer all my life and used to compete in events as a teenager. Specialty was butterfly.

Q: [by joshuacaseyccsu] Hey Barry. You mentioned you played little league baseball. Play any other sports?

A: I love sports. Water skiing, scuba diving, snow skiing, surfing, body surfing, I play a lot of tennis, volleyball, and of course I tried boxing for about three weeks.

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