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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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Q: [by polod] If the Brady Bunch never happened, how would your life be different? And what career path would you have taken? Or how do you think your life would have been different without the Brady experience? Dave

A: In most ways I am living the career path I had chosen before the Brady Bunch was ever a reality. I continue as an actor a singer and have now added writer a producer caps. I have starred on Broadway, been in movies, performed in stadiums and traveled around the world. Music, acting, travel all have been part of the original inspiration. One huge difference is that I am always associated with one show, the Brady’s. I think the Brady Bunch has inhibited my Movie career, but hey there is still plenty to look forward to. If I had never become an actor/singer my other interests were law and medicine.

Q: [by purpleladydi99] Okay Barry, enough of the serious questions. M&Ms., Plain or Peanut!!

A: They make plain M&M’s??

Q: [by sebastian11111] You still seem like a cool guy. Have you heard of Blink 182 and/or Green Day? They are my favorite bands and they are both from Cali. Blink is the surfer type, like you, so I would guess that you like them?

A: Yes I have heard of Blink 182 and like their sound. I am still a surfer at heart. I haven’t heard Green Day on the radio yet but I’ll look for them.

Q: [by macarthurp] Hi Barry, I have the original "Growing Up Brady" and recently purchased the updated version and your CD. I was just curious as to why your lovely wife Eila was not mentioned in the book(as far as I can see anyway. You two make a lovely couple.

A: It was Eila’s request not to be included. She feels strongly about separating our personal from my professional life. I think part of it also was that the book was originally created before Eila and I had met so she did not feel an active part of it.

Q: [by littlemercedez] Hi Barry! I was wondering, how was it like to meet the Jackson 5?! Were you a fan back then? Was it on a episode that you met them? What was Michael like?

A: I am a long time fan of the J5. Chris Knight and Michael Jackson used to hang out during the Brady days and Latoya used to fall by our set. Michael was a bit shy and always very nice. His life has changed so dramatically since Thriller we have lost touch. I look forward to his next album and I wish the whole Jackson Bunch would put out another CD.

Q: [by girir] Barry, we never knew about Greg's college life. My question is what would Greg have been like in college? Would he have joined any fraternities or done any partying?

A: Keep in mind Greg has always been a writer’s creation. Since we didn’t have any Greg goes to college shows, it is up to your imagination. We do know he studied medicine and ultimately became an OB GYN. How about if you make it up a write an episode?

Q: [by theprez5] When doing live theater, what was your most embarrassing moment?

A: My most embarrassing moment ever onstage was three years ago on the opening night of a production of The Music Man in Dallas Texas, I was playing Harold Hill. The Music Man show is very well known because there are so many local productions done and in addition the movie is a classic. People sing along with the songs all the time and many in the audience know the dialogue. Okay. It is toward the beginning of the show and I said the cue to start my first big number, TROUBLE. I turned toward the front and I could not hear a note of music from the orchestra. I could see the conductor but I didn’t know where in the music he was. I got out, "Well, ya got trouble my friend, I said trouble right here in River City..." and forgot what the rest of the verse was. I was mortified. Finally I picked it up again but it was too late. The review in the paper the next day had this headline: "Dallas Summer Musical’s The Music Man; No Trouble." Ugh.

Q: [by ericliming] Barry, I think I remember seeing you making a guest appearance on a local, Dayton, Ohio tv show called "The Gil Whitney Show" in 1982. Whoever this guest was, he looked and sounded an awful lot like you,(and he seemed to be wearing toy antennae). Was that you?

A: I have done a lot of work in Ohio. Producer John Kenley brought me in for several musicals. I did productions of Grease, Pippin, West Side Story, and I Love My Wife for him. 1982 sounds right for the date and Dayton was one of the stops we made. I know I have done the Gil Whitney show but I don’t remember anything about wearing Antennae.

Q: [by jdog717] Greg, I'm a 15 year old guy. I just wanted to say that have been my idol all my life! I was wondering if you are going to do any more sitcoms where you could be the dad role model dad? All the great advice Mike gave you can pay off!! you!! By the way, are you by chance related to Lorie Longsdale?

A: Sure I’ll be doing sitcoms and playing Dad roles along with lots of others. I don’t know exactly which shows right now but it is all a part of the big picture. In answer to your other question I am not related to Lorie Longsdale, but you could say hi for me. Take care.

Q: [by EFerrucci] Hi Barry, my question is in the episode Mail Order Hero with Joe Namath some cast member mentioned that Mike "Mannix" Connors went to see a sick child . Was that actually true in 1973?

A: I can’t say it’s not true, but I have no recollection of that happening. It is true that Robert Reed was a reoccurring character on Mannix even while filming The Brady Bunch.

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