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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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Q: [by Trip7slady] Hi Barry! What was a typical day like on the set as far as when shooting started and ended?

A: Arrive at the studio, wardrobe, school, rehearsal, more school, filming, lunch, change clothes, do it again and go home.

Q: [by kayla_r622] Hey Mr. Williams – You mentioned that you saw The Brady Bunch Movie, which you had a cameo in. Was it weird doing a scene opposite Greg Brady?

A: Well, uh, uhm, after all there really is only one Greg Brady. Other people merely play at it, so I was nice.

Q: [by m12merc] Barry, how tall are you? It seems that you shot up to Robert Reed's height pretty fast. I look at tv and wonder how tall the actors are. If you knew Michael Landon, could you tell me his height too? Thanks.

A: Robert Reed was 6’ 3" and I am just shy of 6’. I don’t know how tall Michael Landon was, but I sure liked him a lot.

Q: [by amyscott81698] Hi Barry, I recently saw you at the Strand Theatre. You sang a song at the beginning which was so beautiful. Can you tell me what it was? I would also like to compliment you on the Return of Johnny Bravo CD. I am a singer too and remember Those Were the Days of our Lives by Queen. It really brings back alot of good youthful memories. Also dancing on the stage with you was definitely an experience.

A: One of the songs, a duet with Debby Boone was "At The Beginning" which is why we sang it at the beginning. Many people have commented on This Is the Moment. I hope that helps. Thanks for writing and Keep On Groovin’, Barry W.

Q: [by chicosig] Barry- what time would you guys start filming everyday on the Brady Bunch set? Were you guys working 7 days a week and how long were the hours? Who brought you to the Paramount lot everyday?

A: Filming Started at 8am and usually went to about 6pm. For all of us kids, the Mom’s had the driving privileges or carpool duties. We filmed Monday - Friday.

Q: [by Trip7slady] Hi Barry, I have been a true Brady fan from day one. I was lucky enough to see you guys at the MN State Fair back in 73. Our seats were front and center! After the show your limo was pulling away and you were sitting by the window and smiled and waved at me and I have never forgotten that special moment. Do you remember performing there and was that a fun time for you guys?

A: Hi Cheryl, Yes I remember performing at the MN State Fair. For me, our touring days were the greatest. It was so much fun meeting people who had been enjoying our show for the first time. I thought playing fairs and concerts was a total gas and I would’ve liked to have kept going. With the Release of The Return of Johnny Bravo, I have been touring and doing lots of concerts and clubs again and I dig it even more now.

Q: [by Purpleladydi99] Barry, I just saw Christopher Knight on OPRAH!! telling us about his ADD. I know that must've been really hard for him. I admire him now more than ever. Did any of you know about his problem back then, or did he confide in you about it at all?? It must've been really hard for him to concentrate on the show. Yet, he seemed so natural!!! I think Christopher really was pretty brave to go on television like that to discuss it. Thanks, Diane.

A: No one new Chris had Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD) - not even Chris! He discovered it long after our filming days and it certainly went to answering a lot of questions regarding his attention span. I am very pleased for him that he has been diagnosed because he can now keep it under control.

Q: [by Emipip] Hi Barry. What type of motorcycle(s) do you own and where do you usually ride? My husband recently bought a Suzuki. We love to go for rides in the NY suburbs. Thanks!

A: I still enjoy riding but do not own a motorcycle. I grew up with Hondas but on a recent visit to Florida I rented a Harley Davidson that I really enjoyed. Have fun and be careful!

Q: [by irmalattle] there has been such a boom of teen pop stars recently, it's nothing new though since teen heart throbs go way back to the '50's. However I feel that the true peak of the teen heart throb phenomena really peaked in the 1970's. I think "The Brady Bunch" displays this better than any show before or since. The scene where the group of girls tear and rip apart Greg's shirt best captures the fun and innocent sexiness of the teen idol craze. Great scene! What was it like filming that scene? Was it actually written as a comment on the teen idol craze, or was it just to drive the girls crazy? One more thing, did anything similar to that ever happen in real life?

A: I am glad you enjoyed the scene. Yes in a way it was written as a comment on the "teen idol craze". The story was about a company "manufacturing" a teen idol and the girls were hired hands to give Greg a feel of what it would be like. Interestingly, in real life similar types of scenes did occur and more than once. I don’t recall ever being threatened - but I did lose a few buttons and a shirt and a hat now and then. I thought it was great fun.

Q: [by hmbrd] How do you feel and how would you respond when you receive mail regarding the fact that someone was totally inspired by the "The Brady Bunch", and how it has positively influenced their life?

A: I try always to remember that the Brady Bunch has always been intended to be a sitcom first. I think it is great when someone finds something a little deeper than just the entertainment we attempted and can get something truly meaningful out of it. I am often told that it showed a very positive alternative to some fans real home life. It’s cool to be a part of that.

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