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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

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25 Oct
Eric Greenberg

It’s official! Barry’s new show, Brady Brunch, is underway at Yakov’s Branson Theater in Branson, Missouri! Of course, that’s Yakov as in actor, comedian Yakov Smirnoff, who I had a chance to chat with about his lengthy career, reinventing himself in Branson, and partnering with Barry to bring Brady Brunch to his stage!

You bring such a unique point of view to your act, which is I’m sure why you’re so successful. I’m curious if you ever played around with different personas back when you were starting out in the clubs or did you know right away that the best plan would be to just sort of be yourself?

Well my challenge was I didn’t speak English so I was being myself and my kind of a character kept changing by itself… by the more English I learned, the better I communicated my message and I never really had to do any impressions or, you know,  things that would make me different because I was already different.

I have to imagine that some comedians have sort of a love hate relationship with catchphrases, but in most cases they’re sort of handed to you in a sitcom roll and you don’t necessarily have a choice about it. Yours is kind of a different situation and seems to have served you very well. Do you remember when you came up with “What a Country!”?

Yes. I was at The Comedy Store and I kept telling people some jokes and I kept saying “What a Country!” in the end, and I didn’t plan this to be funny and they kept laughing. So little by little, it became, they would come to me…the audience would come to me and say “What a Country!” and made me realize that they remembered that more than they remember jokes. So that was a big revelation for me that I might have stumbled on something that was powerful for them. So I kept saying that and then it became my signature piece.

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04 Dec
Eric Greenberg

Barry, Chris and Mike recently made a rare public appearance together at Big Apple Comic Con in New York City. It was a fantastic crowd and the boys greatly appreciate everyone who came out. For those of you who couldn’t make it though, I had a chance to chat with the guys about growing up together in TV’s most famous family.

If you’d like to hear from more of the great guests at Comic Con, click here.

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20 Oct
Eric Greenberg

Bravo, Mrs. Brady!

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog, The Brady Bunch | 5 comments

It was a great run, but Florence finally said farewell to Dancing With the Stars after being eliminated in week five of the competition. “You have got to week five on merit. It’s not a fluke,” said judge Len Goodman after her performance. “You got there because of your dancing talent.”

Of course, it was only appropriate that Florence made it to TV theme week, where she got a special visit from our own Barry Williams. Watch Barry and Florence reunite 33 minutes into the show, followed by a rousing Tango to the tune of The Brady Bunch theme.

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06 Sep
Eric Greenberg

Bursting with big Brady news, here are your Greg Brady Project Labor Day Links…

Get fired up Florence fans! It’s Henderson vs. The Hoff in the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars. America’s favorite TV mom has officially signed on for the show’s eleventh season along with David Hasselhoff, Jennifer Grey and The Situation. Do I feel a Charleston coming on?

Susan’s back on the small screen! The youngest Brady girl showed up on The Young and the Restless last week. Meanwhile, word on the street from Entertainment Weekly is that Chris Knight will appear in the September 15 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. (Chris, can you confirm???)

Barry had some fun with the 13 News morning gang in Topeka the other day. Brady World is running a Brady Bunch trivia contest. And Marcia’s hair dryer is marked down on eBay (TGBP cannot verify authenticity).

And finally, The Boys are Back in Town! Barry, Chris and Mike will be appearing together at Big Apple Comic Con in New York next month. According to Chris, the three have only gotten together for two other autograph signings since The Brady Bunch went off the air. Hope to see you there!

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17 Jun
Eric Greenberg

A Chat With Barry Williams

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 4 comments

After hanging out over here for the last year and a half, Barry paid me a visit over at my site! In the brand new episode of my retro pop culture podcast, “Just My Show,” the boss and I covered everything from the layout of the Brady house to the back story of the families to Cousin Oliver.

After you hear the show, make sure to check out the five bonus clips, including Barry’s thoughts on having a Brady Bunch fan in The White House.

Have a listen! Hope you guys enjoy it.

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13 Feb
Eric Greenberg

‘A Captive Audience’

Mark your calendars and rearrange your holiday travel plans for this Monday. Courtesy of the great website SitcomsOnline, TV Land will hold a President’s Day “Brady Bunch” marathon from 10am – 2pm. Here are the episodes you can expect to catch. And for our readers in Milwaukee, the site also reports that Me-TV has added the show to its weekday schedule at 6:30pm. Enjoy!

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22 Sep
Eric Greenberg

Rickles Rules the Emmys

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | No comments

I’m sorry to say that I only caught a portion of last night’s Emmy Awards. I saw enough to know that ”30 Rock” owned the night, which made me very happy. Saw too little to judge how the reality group hosting experiment worked. And had mixed feelings when I filled in the gaps this morning and saw that Jeremy Piven won best supporting actor again. He’s still a great choice, but it would be great to see Kevin Dillon get his due considering that most people I know think that Johnny Drama makes “Entourage” these days. If you ask me though, the smartest decision of the night wasn’t something that happened, but something that didn’t happen.

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20 Sep
Eric Greenberg

The Old Kotter Crossover

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 5 comments

Time for some more pop culture kiss up. A few weeks ago, I went on and on about ”Family Ties” creator Gary David Goldberg and how well he incorporated new characters into his show. Well now it’s time to acknowledge another rare feat in television. Let’s show a little respect for those few and far between TV themes that break out of the box to become legitimate hit songs.  

Now I’m one of the first people to say it’s a shame that theme songs have been virtually eliminated from television, but that’s a completely different argument. When it comes to enjoying a good TV theme, it’s pretty much all about context.

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14 Sep
Eric Greenberg

World Wide Web Surfing

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 1 comment


The 60th primetime Emmy Awards are around the corner and the Academy’s celebrating the big anniversary by asking viewers to vote for their all-time favorite moments in television comedy and drama.  

Speaking of the Emmys, Josh Groban will be playing part of the “Brady Bunch” theme during the broadcast on September 21. 

I can’t authenticate, but Nick’s General Store on eBay claims to be selling a few props from the “Brady Bunch” set at a discounted price. Anything look familar Barry?  

The BuzzSugar blog is asking fans to recast classic TV shows and movies. This week’s challenge: “The Wonder Years.”  Not sure I’m even willing to pretend to recast a show that good, but I do think Seth Rogan should have been a lock as Buddy Lembeck in last week’s “Charles in Charge” contest.  

In case you’ve been waiting, the final three seasons of “Mary Tyler Moore” will finally be making their way onto DVD.

Maureen McCormick isn’t the only one with a TV tell all in the works. Her former “Celebrity Fit Club” castmate Dustin Diamond is jotting down all the dirty deeds behind “Saved By the Bell” and Zack Morris says bring it on!

And as for Maureen’s book, don’t ask Barry for any inside gossip. Mo says he’s gonna have to wait ’til October 14th like everybody else. 

Send your Brady/Pop Culture links to

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09 Sep
Eric Greenberg

Blogging Off The Grid

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 4 comments


Everyone’s going green these days. And hey, the name ain’t Eric Berg, so here goes with The Greg Brady Project’s first ever eco-friendly blog post. I wrote it up on a piece of paper (that I’ll recycle) and am entering it primarily on my iPod that’s mostly charged by my new portable solar panels. Yup, I’m blogging off the grid my fiends. Well, almost. Sure it’s taking ten times longer and the fact that my computer is still turned on makes this more of a symbolic gesture. But hey, small steps.

The question is: what could make a guy like me kick my environmental awareness up a notch? Was it Al Gore? Um, no. High gas prices? Don’t even have a car. Come on, this is The Greg Brady Project and this is me we’re talking about. Where’s the one place on Earth where TV reruns and renewable energy intersect?

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