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08 Aug
Bob Hunt

Mr. Monk’s Favorite Show

written by Bob Hunt in Blog, The Brady Bunch | 4 comments

 Adrian Monk’s encyclopedic knowledge of “The Cooper Clan” helps him crack the case.

If you missed the season  premiere of Monk last night, then run (don’t walk) over to USA Network while the episode is still available for streaming.  You’ll find a show that affectionately satirizes the Brady Bunch phenomenon, from the dedication of trivia-spouting fans to dropped jaws at the most lurid revelations of a tell-all memoir. 

In “Mr. Monk’s Favorite Show,” the obsessive-compulsive crime solver is excited at the prospect of meeting Christine Rapp, former child star of “The Cooper Clan.” Rapp has just written a shocking autobiography called “Re-Cooper-ating,” and when her publicity tour is interrupted by an attempt on her life, Monk’s devotion leads to an assignment as her bodyguard.  Starstruck and preoccupied with memories of a show that provided an escape from his dysfunctional youth, Monk remains blissfully ignorant of the discrepancies between Rapp and her TV alter-ego, Cathy Cooper…until he finds time to read the book.

Though a number of artistic liberties are taken in the approximation of a certain iconic TV series from the 70′s, Brady fans will find many amusingly familiar references in the details, right down to the episode titles and groovy graphics of a “Cooper Clan” DVD menu.  Check it out, and enjoy the pained expression on the face of a “Clan” costar as he endures Monk repeating the former actor’s well-worn catchphrase.

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    on Aug. 9th, 2009

    As a BB fan, I LOVED this Monk episdoe!

    Richard Lambert
    on Aug. 22nd, 2009

    Open your eyes America!
    No matter how you look at it Barry was the coolest of the cool in the Brady Bunch! To this day, to this day… one of the truly most awesome celebs out there. Class act all the way! Barry keep on Groovin! All the best from your North Carolina Fans!

    Rich Lambert, Goldsboro, NC

    on Sep. 27th, 2009

    Hey Barry, hello from a fan. We loved the Brady Bunch growing up and at 49 I still watch the show whenever its on.

    TV’s lost the ability to make us feel good. Now entertainment and postive ideals and concepts have given way to “realism” and there’s literally not too much on television to watch anymore (Monk is good). But the Brady Bunch was able to make us feel good, and that alone is a great gift.

    I hope life is good for you all and just know that though I’ve never met any of you, you all feel like a part of my family. Its like we grew up together. Thanks for the great memories. You guys rule!

    Tony Yuse
    on Oct. 31st, 2009


    You’re right, there are not a ton of great shows on any longer that make us feel connected like the Bradys did. I’d like to see this Monk episode soon. I missed it somehow.

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