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01 Mar
Bob Hunt

Call for Nominations

written by Bob Hunt in Blog, The Brady Bunch | 7 comments


Who will win the first-ever GBP Brady Awards?

Did you catch the Academy Awards recently?  Greg Brady Project friend David H. did, and the sight of all those Oscars being handed out inspired him to propose “the first annual ‘Brady’ awards, honoring outstanding achievements in an episode of The Brady Bunch.”  David suggested six award categories, with all us of collaborating to produce five worthy nominees for each category.  After the nominations are finalized, winners will be decided by popular vote.  We love the idea, David, and so it is that we now officially open the call for nominations for the award categories listed below.  I’m really tempted to serve up a full slate of contenders, but I’m going to limit myself to the honor of choosing the first nominee for each award.  The rest is up to all of you, loyal Brady fans.

BEST ACTOR (any male cast member can be nominated for a specific episode):  I nominate Mike Lookinland for “Bobby’s Hero.”  Not only does he create a credible change of heart for the Jesse James-obsessed Bobby, he conveys real terror (as coached by Lloyd Schwartz) during the fantasy train robbery.

BEST ACTRESS (same for female cast member):  I nominate  Eve Plumb for “The Not-So-Rose-Colored Glasses.”  Eve has a lot of great moments in this one, from her glib dismissal of Marcia’s concern for her eyesight to the tearjerker scene in which Mike learns that Jan has sold her bike to pay for a second family portrait.

BEST WRITING (nominate episodes):  I nominate Brad Radnitz for “Confessions, Confessions,” a beautifully paced episode that peaks in the middle with the famous leaking-vase scene and then builds the tension up again until nearly the last second, keeping the audience wondering if Peter will ever tell the truth.

BEST GUEST STAR PERFORMANCE – MALE:  I nominate Davy Jones for “Getting Davy Jones.”  The sight and sound of the beloved Monkee clasping hand to headpone and warbling “Girl” has been treasured by Brady fans for decades.

BEST GUEST STAR PERFORMANCE – FEMALE:  I nominate Imogene Coca for her eccentric yet endearing performance as “Jan’s Aunt Jenny.”

BEST EPISODE:  Well, I gotta go with the top of my Brady Six for this one.  I nominate my all-time favorite, “Cyrano de Brady.”

And while we’re at it, here’s one more category for us to consider.

BEST CATCH PHRASE:  I nominate “Something suddenly came up,” the all-purpose date-breaker.

And there you have it, the first round of nominations for the 2009 GBP Brady Awards.  Four more slots are open for each category, so hit the “Comment” button and clack away at your keyboard like Scoop Brady on a hot tip!

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    on Mar. 2nd, 2009

    BEST ACTOR: Barry Williams in the episode where Greg starts high school and wants everyone to treat him like a man.

    BEST ACTRESS: Maureen McCormick in the episode where Maricia tries out for the play Romeo and Juliet for the part of the nurse but gets cast as Juliet instead. She lets it go to her head.

    BEST WRITING: Larry Rhine for the episode The Subject Was Noses.

    BEST GUEST STAR PERFORMANCE – MALE: I have to say Davy Jones. I’m a fan of the Monkees.

    BEST GUEST STAR PERFORMANCE – FEMALE: I have to say Marion Ross for her role as the girls’ doctor.

    BEST EPISODE: Today, I am a Freshman. Marcia’s 1st day of high school.

    BEST CATCH PHRASE: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Where Jan is tired of being in her shadow.

    This was fun, but was hard to choose the best episode. I liked all the episodes equally.

    Bob Hunt
    on Mar. 3rd, 2009

    Great suggestions, Heidi! Thanks for the nominations.

    Eric Greenberg
    on Mar. 4th, 2009

    This is tough Bob. I’ll probably change my mind after I have time to dig in a bit more, but here’s my first take…

    BEST ACTOR: Barry Williams, “Law and Disorder”…I never suspected a thing boss! Totally smooth.

    BEST ACTRESS: Ann B. Davis, “Lost Locket, Found Locket”

    BEST WRITING: Skip Webster for “Double Parked” (Save Woodland Park!)

    BEST GUEST STAR PERFORMANCE – MALE: Davy Jones (toughest category)

    FEMALE: Rita Wilson, just because she turned out to be Rita Wilson

    BEST EPISODE: “Where There’s Smoke”

    BEST CATCH PHRASE: Not sure if this qualifies, but “Big Man on Campus” cracks me up

    on Mar. 4th, 2009

    BEST ACTOR- I’d have to say Robert Reed for this one, in The Cinncinati Kids, where Jan accidentaly loses Mike’s architectural plans at King’s Island.

    BEST ACTRESS-Eve Plumb is excellent in Will The Real Jan Brady Please Stand up, where Jan wants to be different from Marcia and Cindy (since they’re both blonde) and wears a black wig to a party.

    BEST WRITING-Michael Morris for The Private Ear.

    BEST GUEST STAR PERFORMANCE-MALE: Joe Namath in Mail Order Hero, in which Bobby writes a letter to the famous football star that says Bobby is very sick, but of course he is lying.

    BEST GUEST STAR PERFORMANCE-FEMALE: I nominate Abbe Lane for her role as Beebe Gallini in Mike’s Horror-Scope, the episode where Mike is hired to create Beebe an odd cosmetic factory.

    BEST EPISODE-Fright Night, in which the boys play a ghostly prank on the girls, so the girls play back.

    BEST CATCH PHRASE-”I have this friend who…” The catch phrase usually said to Alice when the Brady kids need a little help and appear to be talking about a friend in trouble.

    David H
    on Mar. 6th, 2009

    Christopher Knight: The Personality Kid
    No matter how often I see it, Pete’s Bogie impression always makes me laugh.

    Barry Williams: Adios, Johnny Bravo
    A performance that encompassed music, straight drama (Greg telling his parents he is putting college on hold) and broad comedy.

    Mike Lookinland: Bobby’s Hero
    For the nightmare scene, but also the moving moment at the end when Bobby walks into his parents’ bedroom and quietly announces, “I’m turning in my guns.”

    Eve Plumb: Her Sister’s Shadow
    An obvious choice but no less worthy for being so.

    Maureen McCormick: Father of the Year
    A personal favorite, especially for the father-daughter moment after Mike realizes why Marcia has been misbehaving.

    Ann B. Davis: The Voice of Christmas
    Alice’s “we’ll cancel Christmas” speech is a highlight of the holiday episode.

    Davy Jones: Getting Davy Jones
    The frontrunner.

    Vincent Price: Pass the Tabu/The Tiki Caves
    Just the right combination of sinister and silly.

    Chris Beaumont: Quarterback Sneak
    As that creep Jerry Rogers, Beaumont personified the high school jock/weasel stereotype, ’70s edition.

    Imogene Coca: Jan’s Aunt Jenny
    Almost over-the-top, but it’s still great to see this comedy legend on The Brady Bunch.

    Debi Storm: My Fair Opponent
    Extreme Makeover: Brady Edition! Debi was convincing as Molly the loser and Molly the knock-out.

    Claudia Jennings: Adios, Johnny Bravo
    The gorgeous former Playmate made it easy to understand why paragon of virtue Greg would blow off his family so quickly.

    on Oct. 1st, 2009

    Robert Reed, “Getting Greg’s Goat”
    I give Mr. Reed credit for directing this episode and for this classic dialogue: “Son, that is a dreadful thing to say about a girl, no matter what she looks like.”

    Barry Williams, “Cyrano de Brady”
    Love the teenager soap opera in this episode: It’s like this, Kerry, you date only me (“Ooh, I like that”). I date whoever I want. (“That doesn’t seem fair.”)

    Ann B. Davis, “Sergeant Emma”
    Calisthenics at 0600 anyone?

    Maureen McCormick, “Cyrano de Brady”
    Exit Marcia. Enter Debi, “the other woman”

    Milton Pascal and Sam Locke, “Getting Greg’s Goat’
    Greg laments getting involved with Raquel-the-goat: “I wish I hadn’t got mixed up with the beast” followed by Mike Brady’s classic reply: “Son, that is a dreadful thing to say about a girl, no matter what she looks like.”

    Tam Spiva, “Peter and the Wolf”
    Greg devises Peter’s “older” persona — “Phil! Phil Packer! Some swingin’ guy from another high school.”

    Vincent Price as Professor Whitehead in “Pass the Tabu/The Tiki Caves”
    His scenes with Oliver-the-Statue are priceless!

    Burt Mustin as Jethro Collins, “Bobby’s Hero”
    I always loved Burt as Gus the Fireman on “Leave it to Beaver” and I thoroughly enjoyed his performance in this episode as the author of a book about Jesse James.

    Fran Ryan as Mrs. Hunsecker, “To Move or Not to Move”
    Ryan, protraying a potential buyer for the up-for-sale Brady home, answers Mike Brady’s question about whether or not she had the royal tour of the home: “What I haven’t seen I’ve heard, Mr. Brady.”

    “Peter and the Wolf”
    This episode is hilarious!

    “Sounds great Greg”
    Bobby’s answer to Greg, who is trying to come up with $150 dollars to record his for-sure hit song, in “Dough Re Mi.”

    Tom N
    on Oct. 28th, 2009

    Robert Reed, Episode where Greg comes to work at his office and loses the plans. From the very start of that ep, Reed does a great job convincing of the importance of the project and the balance of work and family.

    Maureen McCormick, in Romeo & Juliet episode. The scene where Carol pulls her from show is the PEAK of drama on any BB show. “Mom!!!”

    Tam Spiva, “Peter and the Wolf”
    I’ll agree with that. Just classic comedy when the folks show up at the pizza place.

    Vincent Price as Professor Whitehead OR the old guy who plays Mr. Hanalea; “I did nothing wrong.”

    I agree with David H. above on Debi Storm

    “Cyrano de Brady” Great comedy.

    “Porkchops and Applesauce” also, “Mrs. Brady, the suds are calling you!”

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