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31 Jul
Barry Williams

May the Schwartz Be With You

written by Barry Williams in barry | 2 comments

‘Sherwood, Dawn Wells and I in 2003′
‘Sherwood, Dawn Wells and I in 2003′

As of last week I have been working with three generations of Schwartz’s. I have had a lifelong working relationship and friendship with Sherwood Schwartz, our producer and creator of The Brady Bunch. We filmed our pilot episode in 1968, I had just turned 14. I have come to understand that what you do in life is as important as who you do it with. I am fortunate that I had such a great job growing up, if you can call working on a hit prime time television series a job, and having a model leader at the head of the Bunch. Sherwood has always been gracious with me and the rest of our cast, although Robert Reed did drive him to distraction. Already an experienced successful writer/producer by the time we started The Brady Bunch, he would nonetheless listen to ideas I had about my character as well as the story. Sometimes my suggestions made it into the script, sometimes not, but I always felt heard. That was very important to me and encouraging. And let’s face it… you don’t want to be using an ‘outta sight’ when a simple ‘groovy’ will do.

Sherwood’s son, Lloyd, eventually took up the mantle, and I have worked with him on Brady and non-Brady related projects with Lloyd functioning as producer, director or writer. Last year I was in Florida playing the role of Thurston Howell, III with Gilligan’s original Mary Ann, Dawn Wells, portraying his loving wife Lovey, in GILLIGAN’S ISLAND THE MUSICAL.

Last week I had an offer to do a TV cameo on Scrubs. I love the show and was to thrilled to have been invited to join the cast for the day. In the two part episode the cast finds themselves in the Bahamas and there is some talk about the purchase on Ebay of a familiar Tiki, “just like the one in that Brady Bunch Hawaiian episode.” Flash to a fantasy sequence of a disheveled Barry Williams, in his dilapidated apartment, maniacally excited to be finally ridding himself of “the plague that Tiki wrought upon my life for too long!”

While on location at the once actively operative hospital where Scrubs is filmed, I was getting ready for my scene when into my dressing room walked Lloyd and his eldest son, Andrew Schwartz. Turns out that Andrew is a writer on the show and he is the one who made the suggestion for me to appear in the episode.

Maybe that’s what Mel Brooks was talking about in his movie Spaceballs when he said “may the Schwartz be with you.” I am blessed.

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    on Aug. 1st, 2008

    That Tiki is going to haunt you forever!! But even just reading about it, I can picture exactly what it looks like!

    On a side note – anyone happen to know why I am not getting all of the gregbradyproject updates? Or is it just a fluke?

    John Huber
    on Oct. 22nd, 2008

    Thanks for being so available and open to your fans and followers. Read your book and look forward to Maureen’s book signing at Book Soup on Monday Oct. 27th. Stay well and keep singing. You have a nice voice.

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