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22 May
Guest Author

“Brady Musical’s” Elliot Kevin Schwartz

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When I first heard about “A Very Brady Musical,” I couldn’t wait to audition. Now admittedly, my father, Lloyd J. Schwartz, did co-write and is directing the show. And my grandfather, Sherwood Schwartz, did create the original series. But just like millions of people across the world, I happen to love the show. And trust me, I did not get the normal treatment of nepotism. In fact, seeing some of my own family among the faces of the audition panel was incredibly nerve-wracking. In my five-minute audition I had to convince a room full of people that I was the best one for the part, regardless of my association. Within days the cast was set. I could not have been more excited to land the role of Peter Brady.

In theatre, abnormalities and the unexpected are normal and expected. The actor cast as Greg had to drop out, and I was chosen as the replacement. I took off my Peter wig and put on my identical Greg wig. I was ready. I realized some very important aspects of the character. Greg is old and wise through the eyes of Bobby, Cindy, and the rest of the gang. Yet, he is still naïve and confused when it comes down to surviving in the real world. He has a lot to learn but is completely willing to learn it.

The original television series is a combination of everyday obstacles and important family values. In “A Very Brady Musical,” you can definitely anticipate obstacles and values; only up the stakes and get ready to see a whole different, adult side of the lovable family. The first reading of this musical did not fail to shock the cast or production staff. The libretto is fresh and bold and the score is catchy and fun. Rehearsals are well under way and the entire show is coming together very nicely.

I’m learning a lot through this process. Ironically, I am the youngest kid in the cast, while portraying the oldest. Then again, in this musical, anything goes! Brady fans will absolutely adore it – that’s a guarantee. I’m 18; I grew up in the nineties. And yet, I giggle at every reference and find myself caught up in the dangerously happy world of the Bradys. I hope everyone gets a chance to see this world premiere filled with a terrific cast and crew, a brand new script and score, and wigs…lots and lots of wigs.

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    Eric Greenberg
    on May. 22nd, 2008


    Sounds like it’s gonna be a great show. Good luck!


    Rachael Caswell
    on May. 23rd, 2008

    Elliot Kevin Schwartz,
    Good luck with this! I like your father’s
    work! Hope things work out for you Elliot!

    Lots of Luck and Happiness,
    Rachael Caswell

    Barry Williams
    on May. 27th, 2008

    Congratulations Elliot! I am looking forward to seeing the show. If you have any questions regarding the original show or “Greg” from my perspective please give me a shout. Break a leg.

    shalom lowell
    on May. 27th, 2008

    Elliot Kevin Schwartz,

    I am very glad to hear that you are the role of Greg Brady. I am also the biggest fan of the Brady Bunch just like you of course. even though you play Greg Brady there is something you should know that is my fave of the Brady’s is Peter Brady and Greg is my second. I wish you well in the show.

    Brandon Hemmy
    on Aug. 14th, 2008

    Barry Williams, please do not tell Elliot to break a leg, thanks!

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