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09 May
Bob Hunt

Mother’s Day

written by Bob Hunt in Blog, The Brady Bunch, barry | 2 comments


One of the funniest stories from Barry’s Growing Up Brady concerns his adolescent crush on Florence Henderson. The tale prompted a lot of publicity due to its apparently taboo nature. Taboo, that is, until we understand that: 1) their celebrated “date” was as innocent as a Brady Bunch episode, and 2) Florence Henderson is not Barry’s mother, fer cryin’ out loud! Barry himself has tried to help us understand this, writing the following: “Most everybody thinks of Florence Henderson as the quintessential television mom, and that vaguely oedipal association seems to have successfully inhibited the American public from ever realizing what a totally white-hot babe she really is.” Sorry, Barry, but I’m not buying it. She might not be your mom, but the rest of us can’t shake the conviction that she is our mom.

Recent surveys support this notion. As Eric Greenberg reported, Carol Brady came in third place (behind Clair Huxtable and Marion Cunningham) when TiVo asked viewers to identify their favorite TV mom. A recent Harris Poll found similar results after asking people to name the TV mom they wished had raised them. Once again, our Lovely Lady took third place (this time following June Cleaver and Clair Huxtable). Interestingly, when the Harris folks broke down their data into demographic chunks, they found that Carol Brady was the number one TV mom among two subgroups: Gen Xers and Republicans. Among conservatives aged 32 to 43, presumably, that preference must be through the roof.

What does all of this mean? Simply that for a good portion of the population, Carol Brady is America’s Mom. And like it or not, we have a hard time divorcing Florence Henderson from the role she made famous. White-hot babe? Oh no, we can’t allow ourselves to think such thoughts. I mean, that’s our mother you’re talking about.



    on May. 10th, 2008

    I think it’s very telling that all of the top TV moms really listen to their kids and care enough to be tough sometimes. I think those are qualities we all like to have in a mom.

    Happy Mother’s Day Mrs. Brady!

    on May. 10th, 2008

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s. Be it a television character, or a real mom, relax, be good, and enjoy YOUR day!

    p.s. – I am a mom of four! My “babies” are 27, 23, 19 and 14! :)

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