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29 Apr
Eric Greenberg

Brady Fans in High Places

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog, The Brady Bunch | 4 comments

Who knew there are so many powerful “Brady Bunch” fans out there? In Sunday’s ”World Wide Web Surfing” post, I linked to a story about Indiana gubernatorial candidate Jim Schellinger having become an architect because of Mike Brady. Well long before seeing that, I read a rumor that Louisiana’s new governor and former Congressman Bobby Jindal (born Piyush Jindal) took his first name from another Brady. Last night, he confirmed it on “The Tonight Show:”   

“You know, unfortunately the rumors are true…I watched a lot of TV growing up. And when I was four years old, my mom went to pick me up from school and the teacher said, he’s got a new name. She says ‘what do you mean he’s got a new name?’ And apparently I went to school one day and told my friends and my teachers to start calling me Bobby. It was off my favorite character of my favorite TV show. I was watching ‘The Brady Bunch’ and Bobby Brady…”

“…Well it could have been worse. At that time, if you remember, ‘The Brady Bunch’ came right before ‘Gilligan’s Island.’ So, it could have been a lot worse. There would have been no future for me in politics.”

If Schellinger wins, that’ll mean 4% of America’s governors have made major life decisions based on the “The Brady Bunch.” If this political trend keeps up, it’s only a matter of time before war is completely eliminated and we begin settling our differences like civilized people-by building card houses.

You can watch the complete “Tonight Show” episode here.



    on Apr. 29th, 2008

    “If Schellinger wins, that’ll mean 4% of America’s governors have made major life decisions based on the The Brady Bunch.”

    I know I’d sleep a lot easier.

    Ontario Emperor
    on Apr. 29th, 2008

    And if we go to war, will we toss footballs at our enemies’ noses?

    [...] been heavily talked about for the number two spot, has lost some momentum lately. Clearly though, the admitted Brady fan would be the most logical pick to counter this week’s events. More on the highly [...]

    [...] fan during the Democratic National Convention) to Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal (who actually named himself after the youngest Brady boy), the faithful can be found in the most unlikely of places. But why [...]

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