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04 Apr
Bob Hunt

The Barry Williams Game

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | 3 comments

Kevin Bacon. He has a Barry Williams Number of 2.

If you haven’t yet heard of the established pop culture phenomenon known as The Kevin Bacon Game, chances are one of your friends (or one of their friends) has. In a silly twist to the sociological theory of “six degrees of separation,” participants attempt to link various actors to Kevin Bacon through a chain of no more than five movie collaborations. The closer the connection, the lower one’s Kevin Bacon Number. Thus, Barry Williams (who appeared in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star with Tom Arnold, who in turn shared the screen with the Baconator himself in We Married Margo) has a Kevin Bacon Number of 2. Or shall we say that Kevin Bacon has a Barry Williams Number of 2?

Thanks to a rather addictive Internet Movie Database search engine at The Oracle of Bacon, one can input the names of any two actors and instantly discover the degree of their collaborative separation. It may not surprise you that within the insular world of movie acting, most thespians can be connected to Barry in fewer than five links. In fact, when it comes to playing the Barry Williams Game, the most challenging objective may be to find an actor who has a BW Number of 4 or higher.

Go on, start thinking. Rack your brains for a personality from the dawn of talkies. How about comedic fourth wheel Zeppo Marx?

The Oracle says: Zeppo Marx has a Barry Williams Number of 3.
Zeppo Marx was in Monkey Business (1931) with Bess Flowers.
Bess Flowers was in It Started with a Kiss (1959) with Marion Ross.
Marion Ross was in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003) with Barry Williams.

Alright then, how about silent screen star Lillian Gish? She starred in D.W. Griffith’s notorious Birth of a Nation in 1915, for Pete’s sake!

The Oracle says: Lillian Gish has a Barry Williams Number of 2.
Lillian Gish was in Hambone and Hillie (1984) with Anne Lockhart.
Anne Lockhart was in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003) with Barry Williams.

Gosh. Maybe we need to get a little more obscure. Buster Crabbe, perhaps?

The Oracle says: Buster Crabbe has a Barry Williams number of 3.
Buster Crabbe was in Hold ‘Em Yale (1935) with Cesar Romero.
Cesar Romero was in Simple Justice (1990) with Doris Roberts.
Doris Roberts was in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003) with Barry Williams.

Holy smokes, Batman! This is harder than we thought! It’s that darn Dickie Roberts movie, for starters. But when you add a role in 1968′s Wild in the Streets (in which method acting disciple Shelley Winters slapped Barry senseless, as described in Growing Up Brady) and a cameo in 1995′s The Brady Bunch Movie, it seems as though Barry Williams can be linked to all of Hollywood, past and present, by no more than three movie collaborations!

So that’s the challenge, folks. The next time you find yourself wasting time whilst avoiding the mundane chores of daily life, why not waste it trying to find an actor with a BW number of 4 or higher? And no fair using somebody who can’t be linked at all. I mean, I already found out that Topo Gigio has a BW Number of infinity, but so what?

Meanwhile, consider the following chain from my favorite result:

The Oracle says: Carmen Miranda has a Barry Williams number of 3.
Carmen Miranda was in Nancy Goes to Rio (1950) with Sue Casey.
Sue Casey was in A Very Brady Sequel (1996) with David Spade.
David Spade was in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003) with Barry Williams.

Oh, the irony!



    on Apr. 4th, 2008

    Swedish director Bertil Palmgren has a Barry Williams number of 4.

    Bertil Palmgren (II) was in Vikingafilm, En (1922) with Harald Wehlnor
    Harald Wehlnor was in Galgmannen (1945) with Tutte Lemkow
    Tutte Lemkow was in I Am a Camera (1955) with Shelley Winters
    Shelley Winters was in Wild in the Streets (1968) with Barry Williams (I)

    Bob Hunt
    on Apr. 4th, 2008

    Excellent work, Raymond, and bonus points for being the first to find a BWN of 4! That “En Vikingafilm” sounds like a good one, eh?

    on Apr. 4th, 2008

    Thanks Bob! Now I can click on the “Oracle of Bacon” link and pass the time here at work! :) I have also heard that we are all, each and every one of us, bound to everyone by 6 people.

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