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28 Mar
Eric Greenberg

Schwartzes Set Stage for A Brady Summer

written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 3 comments

Apparently when Bob Hunt speaks, people listen. The latest Brady revival, “A Very Brady Musical” is officialy set to open at Theatre West in Los Angeles this summer. Don’t expect a strict adaption though. The show will be geared towards adults and will have some very un-Brady like fun with your favorite characters.

If anyone thought Sherwood Schwartz would just coast on his new Hollywood Walk of Fame star, they’d be sorely mistaken. He’s executive producing the show with his son/”Brady Bunch” producer Lloyd Schwartz directing. With music and lyrics from Sherwood’s daughter Hope and son-in-law Laurence Juber, it’s truly a family operation. But before anyone starts crying nepotism, you should know that Juber spent a few years playing guitar for Paul McCartney in Wings.  

The group has some experience bringing TV to the stage having already adapted Sherwood’s other hit ”Gilligan’s Island,” which has played in several cities around country.” Some of you may know that Barry actually played the role of Mr. Howell in that production, which leads back to the question Bob hinted at a few months ago. If ”A Very Brady Musical” were to expand into a national tour, would you like to see Barry in the role of Mike Brady? 



    Bob Hunt
    on Mar. 28th, 2008

    I hereby officially endorse the notion of Barry portraying Mike Brady in a national tour of “A Very Brady Musical” as a Good Idea (TM), if anybody is listening.

    on Apr. 7th, 2008

    Who better than Reed’s dear co-worker and friend? Who else could portray
    Mike Brady??

    Michael P Hartka
    on Apr. 10th, 2008

    I second the notion of barry williams portryaing Mike Brady it is a great idea i personaly would like to see it .

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