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26 Mar
Bob Hunt

Insanity, Thy Name is “Hurl”

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | 9 comments

‘Spin Cycle’
“Gee, I wish I had taken it easy on the clam chowder…”

We laugh now at the modest conventions that censored questionable content in television’s first decades. CBS avoided tweaking delicate 50′s sensibilities by seeing to it that Lucy Ricardo was euphemistically “expecting” Little Ricky instead of being “pregnant.” The same network was still skittish in the 60′s, forbidding Rob and Laura Petrie to sleep in the same bed. And although ABC allowed Sherwood Schwartz to shatter the matrimonial bed taboo, the sight of a Brady bathroom toilet was apparently considered to be too progressive. It was up to CBS to move forward on the potty front by permitting Archie Bunker to reinvent the punchline as an offscreen flush.

Then things started to loosen up (literally), with the world of cinema customarily leading the way. A common concern among the squeamish is emetophobia, or the fear of vomit. This was exploited to horrific effect in 1973′s The Exorcist, in which Linda Blair kept the split pea soup flowing. 1983 saw Monty Python playing the phobia for laughs in a notoriously over-the-top restaurant scene from The Meaning of Life. By 1986, even a mainstream feature like Rob Reiner’s Stand By Me had its share of projectile vomiting, as outrageously depicted in a boy’s tale of a fateful pie eating contest. Television would eventually catch up with the phenomenon, most notably in the format of reality television. From Fear Factor to The Amazing Race, inducing vomiting through the consumption of barely edible entrails and insects has become something of an American tradition.

Now comes the logical conclusion to our national emetophobic preoccupation. The cable network G4 plans to enhance their summer schedule with Hurl, described by USA Today as “an original U.S.-made eating-and-regurgitating competition that will gorge contestants on chicken pot pies or clam chowder, then strap them into spinning rides.” The last contestant to keep his or her dinner down is the alleged winner. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not this represents the ultimate triumph over censorship. As for me, I pine for the days when flushing a toilet was pushing the envelope.



    on Mar. 26th, 2008

    I am horrified at the thought of such a program. Thank goodness for TV Land, where Rob and Laura, Lucy and Ricky, and Andy and Barney continue to entertain us with warmth and charm.

    on Mar. 27th, 2008

    I think I will have to skip THAT show – I am one of the squeamish. At least I have enough foresight to turn my head at the car scene in “The 40 Year-old Virgin”. Have seen it often enough to know when it is “coming up” – excuse the pun :)

    Eric Greenberg
    on Mar. 27th, 2008

    Glad we have the classics and would much rather see a great new sitcom, but also glad that a show like this is allowed to happen, whether you think it should or not.

    Problem with a show like this, aside from the obvious, is that the novelty will wear off. That said, I’ll probably check it out. Thanks for the tip Bob!

    Barry Williams
    on Mar. 27th, 2008

    With new programing like that it’s no wonder people keep asking me for a return to shows like The Brady Bunch. Thanks for the update Bob. BW

    on Mar. 27th, 2008

    I’m in my 50′s. I remeber those old shows. They were part of my life growing up. They are far better than the “ground breaking” garbage of today.
    That is why I post to a brady bunch group..
    I have probably seen more vomit than the poster. Doesn’t mean I want to watch it On tv. What has always got me about hollywood. You think that watching someone “vomit” is ground breaking. I don’t
    want to see your fake vomit. I see enough of the real thing. Go out, get a job where you see the real thing and you won’t be so preocupied with the fake.l


    on Apr. 26th, 2008

    I am rather excited to see this new Hurl show on G4. Yeah, it’s about vomit. But how many people can make an interesting show about vomit? I’d have to say, not many. And if G4 thinks it is entertaining enough to be part of their “new look”, then doesn’t that make it something to be seen? I think everyone should check this out because there is nothing else like this on TV and there never has been. That is what makes this groundbreaking to me.

    on Apr. 27th, 2008

    The last time I posted here I had been to a party and was a little tipsy from one too many Jim Beams. I only partly read the original blog before posting.

    Don’t drink and post.

    I now believe a show like this is right for
    todays America. I saw a clip from a so-called reality show of two educated Americans having a conversation.
    This is how it went. “I was like you know, you know. And you know.” The response to this from the other person was. “Yeah, Dude!” There were many more “you knows” separated with little more than the f word. This was a twenty-seven year old college student talking to a twenty-nine year old public relations man. These two seem to represent the average today. So,
    a show like this will probably be a success.


    on Apr. 28th, 2008

    Just because a person of lesser intelligence than yourself will watch this show, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it too. And it certainly doesn’t mean that the show itself will not have any intelligence. But then again, I’m not really one to judge a book by its cover.

    on Apr. 28th, 2008

    Making people vomit is not a new concept in tv programing.
    Filming people vomiting isn’t either. Programs such as “fear factor”
    and “big brother” have already done it.
    I went to the track today for my morning exercise and decided to ask others there what they thought of such a show. The initial reaction was disbelief. After being convinced it was a real show, all ten or
    fifteen said they thought it was disgusting, sick, and pathetic.
    They all placed such a show on the intellectual level of a seven year old.


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