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23 Mar
Bob Hunt

Starving for the Buffet

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | 2 comments

‘All You Can Hear?’
‘All You Can Hear?’

If there is an audiophile to be found in our family of four, it would be me. I’m the one who transferred a habit of precise LP and cassette tape organization to a treasured collection of compact discs, filing each jewel case by artist and then by album release date. If you’re wondering where all the RCA cables and Y-adapters went, I’m your go-to guy. And who’s the one responsible for maintaining the electronic spaghetti that makes our component-filled armoire an entertainment center? Me again. So if anyone in our household should own an iPod, it’s yours truly. Yet, I’m the only one who does not. Yes, my wife and daughters amble about with smiles on their faces and buds in their ears while I merely contemplate my digital future. In fact, I had all but made up my mind to obtain the coveted 160GB Classic by this summer, when a stunning piece of news changed my tune.

According to a recent report from Financial Times, Apple is considering offering unlimited access – let me say it again with even greater emphasis – UNLIMITED ACCESS – to its iTunes library by placing a premium charge on iPods and iPhones. By the time Businessweek quickly dismissed the news as an unsubstantiated rumor, it was too late. My eyes had widened, my nostrils had flared, and I had caught an intoxicating whiff of a sumptuous buffet. If there is even a chance that such an “all you can eat” opportunity should come to pass, I want to be there with a plate in each hand, unapologetically indulging in musical gluttony. It’s like the dream you had as kid wherein you find yourself locked in the record store at night, only better. This time the store never closes, and you can tear off all the shrink wrap you like.

Just think of the possibilities. If any iTunes offering looks even remotely appetizing, feel free to give it a try. Why stop at a single serving of “Start Me Up” when you can gorge yourself on the entire Rolling Stones back catalog? If you’ve always had a hankering for “A Taste of Honey”, why not enjoy the more than six dozen cover versions that Apple serves up? And the music that you hear kids are into today? Go ahead and sample all you can stomach. No one will scold you for failing to clean your plate at this audio cornucopia.

So now I wait in suspended animation, a cryogenically frozen music lover holding out for a technologically promising future. How can I invest in the hardware now when it may soon come with a lending library of software? Nothing to do but wait and wistfully surf iTunes, my nose pressed against the window and my mouth watering at the sight of the entrees within.



    on Mar. 23rd, 2008

    Barry, go with the classic ipod.

    Then buy a Bose dock.

    You’ll never sleep the same way again.

    Eric Greenberg
    on Mar. 23rd, 2008

    This can drive you crazy! A few months ago, I posted about my debate over getting a 16GB iPod Touch or waiting to see if they put one out with more memory. I waited until MacWorld. Didn’t happen. Most people guessed it would be at least several months. So I bought it and then the 32GB came out a few weeks later. Still love mine.

    Unlimited downloads would be pretty cool, so probably a good call to wait it out. Sounds like a complicated deal to work out though. At some point, you just gotta get in the game!

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