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07 Mar
Bob Hunt

O m’guh!

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | 3 comments

With two daughters of Disney Channel-watching age in our house, we often hear the latest catchphrases repeated throughout the day. Most times the favored phrase du jour doesn’t last more than 24 hours before dying out. Occasionally a word will have more staying power and enjoy repetition throughout a week or more. You might assume it’s the girls who are doing all this parroting, but I must confess to being just as much of an offender (if not more so). My current favorite? The rapidly-spreading O m’guh!

I first saw it as a comment posted below a photograph on Flickr. The picture showed a shopping center as it was in the early 70′s, and locals who remembered frequenting it in their formative years gushed about the image bringing back vivid childhood memories. Some said more than others, but one viewer summed it all up by saying nothing more than – you guessed it – o m’guh!

Not to be confused with the ubiquitous OMG nor the full-blown exclamation Oh my God!, the friendly o m’guh! is simply fun to say. Once I got the ball rolling in my family, we found it especially amusing to use in the most mundane situations:

“O m’guh! There’s a Burger King!”

“It Zac Efron! O m’guh!”

“Tacos for dinner? O m’guh!”

I realize with some anxiety that I might be setting myself up for ridicule and embarrassment here. Consumers of the GBP are a technologically literate bunch with a collectively thorough grasp of pop culture. For all I know, o m’guh! is as five minutes ago as five minutes ago. It might even be the signature line of a popular animated character or a term that goes back to the dawn of blogging. But I’m not too worried about it. After all, that’s the great thing about social networking. If you need a little correcting, someone is sure to correct you. O m’guh!



    on Mar. 7th, 2008

    Well, I have to admit, that is not as irritating as (and excuse me while I try to spell it the way my son says it) is my 14 year old calling me “muhzeer” – he THINKS he is french, and it annoys me when he does that. I have to admit though, “o m’guh” is a new one on me, and really borders on “oh my God”

    Eric Greenberg
    on Mar. 7th, 2008

    I think you should start dropping some old catchphrases at home and in your class and see if they catch on again.

    Your students will go home at night saying things like “Dyn-o-Mite” and “Sit On It” thinking they’re completely new and freak out their parents.

    Bob Hunt
    on Mar. 9th, 2008

    Renee – You’re right, it is perilously close. I guess I see it as a rather cheeky device that stops just short of sacrilege.

    Eric – That would be so easy to do! For the school kids of today, the 70′s are as ancient as Greek myths. I think I’ll start greeting them with “Hey HEY hey” ala “What’s Happening!!” sidekick Dwayne Nelson.

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