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24 Jan
Eric Greenberg


written by Eric Greenberg in Blog | 6 comments

I just couldn’t hide anymore. Over the weekend, I officially turned myself in. They picked me up in the white van, taught me the secret handshake and issued me a pair of earbuds. Yes, I now officially own an iPod. OK, I’m still not cool enough to have an iPhone, but it looks similar enough that I can walk around New York holding it up to my ear just to fit in. Yes, I lost a little individuality, but it feels good to be one of you!

From what I’ve been reading around the web, a lot of you tech geeks are legitimately impressed by Barry’s web savvy. To be honest, with all that’s going on in your world, I’m surprised you found time to notice. Two weeks ago, the annual Consumer Electronics Show made your heads spin with everything from wireless nunchucks for your Nintendo Wii to GPS for your Golden Retriever. Then just last week, Steve Jobs pulled the world’s thinnest laptop out of a manila envelope at MacWorld. But while you were giddy with excitement, I was having an MP3 meltdown.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no rookie. About five years ago, after consistently spending over an hour packing for weekend trips (15 minutes to throw some clothes into a bag and 45 debating which 5 CDs to bring for my Discman), I caught up with the rest of the world and got an MP3 player. I just didn’t get an iPod. I went with the competition, and believe it or not, I actually liked it. Not only that, I liked being different. Then in September, I caught a glimpse of the iPod Touch and it all changed. Music, wide screen video, wireless internet, and with Apple opening the platform up to outside software makers next month, someone will probably find a way for it to make mini pizzas. I saw skyrockets!

There was just one thing holding me back. At 16GB, the Touch is a bit short on memory and it seemed that even many of the Apple faithful were waiting it out for an upgrade. So I spent the next three months reading every review, every bulletin board, and asking everyone I knew when they thought a bigger version would hit the stores. Mostly, I spent my time waiting for MacWorld and the announcement that never came.

The thing is, I was pretty sure I’d be just fine with the Touch as is. Remember, we’re still talking about the ability to have the first two seasons of “The Brady Bunch” available in your pocket at all times. I mean is there really any scenario in which I’d be on the subway and suddenly decide “I need some Cousin Oliver…and I need him now!”? It was more the idea of not wanting to miss out on what’s next. I was haunted by the future.

Every year, TVs get bigger and thinner. Video games get more lifelike. Golf balls go a little farther. In fact, every year it gets just a little harder to wow people. You know that when Steve Jobs brought out the laptop in that envelope, someone said, “yeah, but it’s still too heavy to mail it with a 41 cent stamp.” When will the madness stop?

I’m happy to say I’m now at portable audio peace. This weekend, I’ll officially take my place with the Apple people. If you need me, I’ll be hanging out at Starbucks sipping some expensive hot chocolate, cranking some tunes, and reading the latest Bob Hunt post on Wi-Fi. Life is good. Of course the next time Steve Jobs gives a presentation, I’ll have my white earbuds in with the volume jacked up, because I don’t want to hear it.



    Don M.
    on Jan. 24th, 2008

    Welcome to the world of always wanting an upgrade. I’m holding out for the 30gig. By the time I get it though, the 60 will be out and it’ll be an iPhone on the verizon network.]


    Bob Hunt
    on Jan. 24th, 2008

    I’m not at a Starbucks at the moment, but I am reading the latest Eric Greenberg post on Wi-Fi! Alas, no iPod yet. The 120GB classic looks quite tempting, and I might take the plunge this summer. You know, what I really want is a single device that can hold every scrap of media I own, so that I might satisfy my every entertainment whim at the moment it strikes me. And if it ran off biofuel and was implanted inside my head…

    Derrick Daye
    on Jan. 24th, 2008

    Welcome aboard Eric. You have to take the next step and get the iPhone, get the MacBook Pro while you are at it. You won’t look back. Ask Barry – he went Mac last Fall.


    Eric Greenberg
    on Jan. 25th, 2008

    See how these Apple people try to brainwash you? Proceed with caution Bob. Derrick will probably come for you next. If I wasn’t completely obsessed with it, I’d take it back right now.

    Bob Hunt
    on Jan. 25th, 2008

    Well, I used to have a Mac, but I got tired of seeing software that I wanted and not being able to run it. My Mac-Addict brother insists that you can run Windows on a Mac without problems these days, but I’m not convinced. Still, though, I covet the iPod.

    on Jan. 26th, 2008

    I recently got the Ipod Nano Video. I won it online, believe it or not. I switched to a MacBook last summer from a Dell laptop running on XP. I’ll never go back.

    @Bob Hunt – It’s true, you can run Windows on a Mac. I don’t do it personally because the software is pricey but they also offer some Microsoft software made for Mac, like Office. At first I missed all the Windows stuff but there are Mac versions of just about everything anyway.

    @Eric – Congrats on your iTouch. I’d like to get the iPhone but I’ll wait until it’s on Verizon’s network, if it ever is.

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