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22 Jan
Mike Dudas

Barry – Which Bachelorette do you choose?

written by Mike Dudas in Blog | 2 comments

Barry’s recent cameo on the NBC game show “1 vs. 100” reminded me of his previous appearance on another game show 36 years ago. He appeared as a guest bachelor on the daytime version of ABC’s “The Dating Game” back in 1972. He had the task of selecting a date with one of the three mystery bachelorettes.


Here were Barry’s choices as described by announcer Johnny Jacobs and host Jim Lange:


Bachelorette #1 (Patrice) is a charming young English Miss who works in a flower show. She likes to travel and ski. She also likes snakes.


Bachelorette #2 (Monica) is a pretty young lady who plays the piano and wants to play in a band.


Bachelorette #3 (Wendy) is an artistic young Miss who wants to be an interior decorator. She likes to water ski and sail. She is also a flag twirler and prom queen.


Barry’s inquisitive questions included:


If I promise not to get fresh with you on our first date, what will you promise me?


If you asked me how I have changed during the last three years, I would tell you that I have gotten taller, developed my muscles and I date more. If I asked you how you have changed during the last three years, what would you say?


If I gave you a nickel for every kiss you have given other guys, where could you afford to take me?


On Friday nights, I hang with five kids. We call ourselves “The Brady Bunch.” What do you call the bunch you hang around with on Friday nights and what do you do?


If I brought you home four hours late on our first date, who would be more upset? Your dad, mom, or you?


I go to the beach a lot. I have fun on the surf and sand. Where would I have the most fun with you? In or out of the water?

When do you think it’s smart to play dumb with a guy?

After a short break, Barry selected Bachelorette #3 (Wendy). Their date was a day sailing trip on the Rendezvous to the Coronado Islands of Mexico courtesy of Ship ‘N Shore. I wonder how the date went??



    on Jan. 23rd, 2008

    Yeah Barry, tell us how the date went!!!

    Barry Williams
    on Jan. 23rd, 2008

    Well, we had a good time. We were both really young, in our teens, and we had a chaperone, A fun experience…. no sparks

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