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18 Jan
Barry Williams

My Son is Five!

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‘Little B and Dad’
‘Dad and Little B’

My son, Brandon, turned five years old yesterday. We are together in New York City for the week. I was looking to do something special to celebrate. According to Brandon, I scored. This past November and December I starred in a new off Broadway musical called Growing Up 70′s. In that show I took a young 10 year old talented actor, whose name is Trevor Braun, on a tour of the seventies. At points in the show he also played the role of my son. Brandon and Trevor became friends. During my production Trevor landed the role of Flounder, Ariel’s loyal sidekick, in the Broadway musical of the Little Mermaid. That happens to be Brandon’s favorite story, I think it has something to do with the sea and kissing the girl.

Well, with the help of Trevor’s parents, I arranged tickets to Wednesday’s matinee to see the show with Trevor in it. This was Brandon’s first Broadway show and the production is fantastic! Very lush, bright, romantic, and a terrific group of very talented actors. We sat toward the front and right in the middle. Trevor had lots to do in his role as Flounder including a big song that he sings. Not surprisingly he was Brandon’s favorite character.

‘Is there ever too much cake at 5?’
‘Is there ever too much cake at 5 years old?!?’

After the show went backstage for a tour. We got to meet Sierra Boggess who plays Ariel, (and in case you are wondering guys in addition to a great voice, she is HOT) Sean Palmer, who was Prince Eric and Norm Lewis, who played King Triton and who let Brandon hold the Triton he used on-stage. Trevor showed Brandon the costumes and the props and the sets and explained to him how the whole show worked from behind the scenes. The experience was, as they say at Disneyland, magical. Brandon can’t stop talking about it.



    on Jan. 18th, 2008

    Happy Birthday Brandon!
    Barry, he looks just like you. :)

    on Jan. 18th, 2008

    Great picture Barry! Happy Birthday Brandon…glad you had a great birthday!!

    on Jan. 19th, 2008


    My son’s name is Brandon too!! Although he will be 27 this year!

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