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05 Jan
Bob Hunt

Jumping on the Broadway recycling bandwagon

written by Bob Hunt in Blog | 1 comment

Young Frankenstein on Broadway

‘An old Young Frankenstein?’

As we leave the holiday season behind and anticipate what wonders await us in 2008, I’m taking a moment to look back and think through a notion that struck me during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. After sitting through production numbers from Young Frankenstein, Xanadu, Legally Blonde and Mary Poppins, I began to wonder, “Is there anything original being written for Broadway these days?” As a most casual observer of the Great White Way, it seems like every show I’m hearing about is either a recycled movie or a story written around someone’s pop music catalog.Not only that, but we’ve come ridiculously full circle in the last few years, with blockbuster movie versions of Broadway hits that were themselves based on movies. It reminds me of the old Woody Allen joke about the guy who buys the rights to My Fair Lady: “He’s removing the music and lyrics and trying to make it back into Pygmalion.” What with our hero currently spoofing 70’s culture off-Broadway, I envision an inevitable production that has yet to be staged: The Brady Bunch Musical. Really, does not the Brady universe lend itself readily for Broadway treatment? 
Taking the original series and all of it spin-off incarnations into consideration, there’s comedy, drama, musical numbers all along the spectrum from intimate to bombastic, and a tremendous fan base of baby boomers and gen-X-ers who find it all warmly and entertainingly familiar. I’m almost surprised it hasn’t been done already. 
Just think of the possibilities: a lavish set recreating the Brady home, perhaps a show-stopping recreation of Peter’s volcanic mud explosion, sing-along numbers of classic Brady songs along with your standard theatrical expository tunes (how about something like Jan’s Lament: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, or The Ballad of Phil Packer?), and coveted celebrity walk-ons (“Ladies and gentleman, the role of Buddy Hinton will be portrayed tonight by Al Pacino.”). But the kicker would be the casting. Who better to channel the classically-trained, Schwartz-thwarting, endearingly paternal spirit of Robert Reed than…well, you would need someone who can act, who’s comfortable with theatrical roles, who perhaps has recently portrayed a sitcom father, and ideally someone who actually knew the original Mike Brady and worked alongside him… Know anyone like that? 


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