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My friends call me Barry. From time to time I also hear the name Greg. Yeah, as in Greg Brady. The Brady Bunch represents a fun time in my life. But it’s only part of the story. There’s more to say and that’s what The Greg Brady Project is all about – a place to say it. So, I’ve invited some friends to join me and share their perspectives on the Brady’s, the 70′s and just about everything else. Now, I’m inviting you…

Archive for October, 2007

Q: [by frisky_m] Hi Barry, after having been a child/teen star, would you reccomend that same road to other youngsters who are interested in the buisness?

A: I tell my young son he can be anything he wants, even a former child star if he is so inclined. right after college.

Q: [by kramey38] Barry, since the Brady Bunch years, what would you say you feel has been your greatest professional thrill? Personal thrill? thanks,kr. ps. I loved the Brady Bunch as a child and now it is so wonderful to see my own children love it too! :)

A: Opening night on Broadway starring in Pippin. Personally, I have a four year old son and he rocks.


A: The South Rim. We stayed in the Grand Canyon Lodge.

Q: [by chavalabobby] When I saw Growing Up Brady, I saw a where you and Marcia seeing John Wayne in the cafeteria, did you ever met the Duke for real?

A: Yes. He was on the Paramount lot often and I had a couple of chances to meet him. I remember thinking how much bigger than life he was, and very cool too.

Q: [by JAGFOSH] Van Halen is back touring with David Lee Roth ! Are you going ? Did you Like Classic Van Halen ? Thanks Fosh

A: Do you mean am I going again? Yes. I saw them a while back here in LA on the last tour. I am a David Lee Roth/Van Halen fan.

Q: [by BradyBunch1Fan] I have two questtions for you.What happened to Tiger?After the second season he never was in the show again.One more question when Eve(Jan)Got glasses did she really need them in real life? From, A Big Fan

A: 1. Ironically, while filming an episode about Tiger, when we had to let him go ‘cause Jan thought she was allergic to him, but discovered it was actually his flea powder creating an easy remedy, tragedy struck. Suring a break in production, over the week end, Tiger forgot to look both ways before crossing the street and was accidentally hit by a car and went to Doggie Heaven. We finished the episode with a look alike, and never wrote another episode which involved Tiger.2.Yes, in real life Eve did begin wearing glasses at that time although they were not the same strong prescription as on the show.

Q: [by jazz4jeff] Barry: The origianl idols tour is a great idea. Do they have plans to expand tour next year? Lots of your fans would love to see you.

A: Yes, we are planning to extend the tour. We just finished playing the Silverton Hotel Casino in Las Vegas this Labor Day weekend. We sold out two shows and had a great time. Keep checking this website for future dates.

Q: [by JLaurin52] I just found your website by accident. I use to babysit every Friday night and watched the Brady Bunch with the kids. I was too "cool" to admit I liked the show, but I did. I think the Partridge Family was on right after your show? Did you know David Cassidy? I thought he was so cute. If so, did you hang out with David?

A: No, I didn’t hang with David. He pretty much just kept to himself.

Q: [by grubshteyn] In A Very Brady Christmas I noticed you had a moustache? Was it real and if so, did you grow it voluntarily or because the role called for it?

A: I was doing a role on Broadway in a show called Romance/Romance and filmed A Very Brady Christmas on my days off. My character in that show wore a mustache. The mustache was real and I kept it for our Brady special. PS I didn’t like it and won’t be wearing one again any time soon.

Q: [by ashaffer1] I noticed one of my questions was already answered in a previous post (where someone asked what your favorite car in the show was. I once heard Chris Knight say he loved the wagon. As a fan of the late 60s and early 70s cars (Out of my five cars, I currently own three cars from that vintage now- a 72' Chevy Caprice Estate wagon (with the classic 70s woodgrain), a 73' Pontiac Grand Ville 4dr and 69' Chevy Camaro Z28, and have owned several others of that era in the past), I am facinated about the cars on show. I once read where "Mikes" 69' Plymouth Fury convertible (in season 1) was still in existance and restored to pristine order, and the blue Plymouth Barracuda (seen in season 2-3 I think) is also still around, but in very poor condition. I have no idea if any of "Carols" wagons are still around, or if there whereabouts are known. One that would really be a collectible now, was ironically a junker in the show- it was your first car- the blue 56' Bel-Air convertible. That car today, even in that condition it was on in the show would be worth $50K easy. Its my understanding that these cars are either owned by the studios or rented cars or something. Do you know if that statement is true about the blue convertibles or do you know if the blue 72' Impala or red 73' and 74' Caprice convertibles, or the brown wagons still exist today – or better yet, the 56' convertible that was your car? I still find it strange that after that episode that you still never got your own car. I also think that Carol should have got a nicer wagon… like one with woodgrain siding. :D Thanks Barry, take care!

A: In truth, I have no idea where the Brady cars are or if they have been restored. It’s a cool thought though.

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